Sunday, December 31, 2006

Baby, Get out of my belly!

No baby yet.

It better come tonight.

A New Year's Baby would be fun!

I'm feeling a little anti social these days. The swelling and exhaustion has taken its toll on me. I don't even feel like blogging 'cause I'm feeling so weird. And every little emotional trigger sends me over the edge. This kid better get outta me soon. I want to start the recovery process!


Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Memories (the not so good stuff)

In my first Christmas post, I told you about some of the good and cute stuff that happened over the holiday.

Well, not all of Christmas was pretty.

Three of the four "problems" all sort of appeared on Christmas Eve. There was some slight indication that two of those problems would occur when small signs of them appeared the night before THAT, but basically, it was Christmas Eve when just a tiny bit of heck broke loose in our house.

We were planning on watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve, as neither Armondo nor I have seen it, but due to the few problems we encountered, we were unable to relax and do such a thing!

Problem number 1: Flies.

Out of nowhere, in the middle of winter, flies began to infest our house. Now, there had been one or two here or there for a couple of days, but on Christmas Eve, our house filled right up. The majority of them were in our bathroom and we had no idea what the source of them was. So, it was time for some investigating. With fly swatter in hand, we moved change tables and dressers and searched for a source. We came up with several theories: rotten walls, dead animal in the wall, some sort of problem with our septic system, dead animal in our crawlspace. But we could not find the actual source. For hours, we ran around the house killing fly after fly, and wiping up the dirty splatter and picking up fly carcasses.

The next morning, we woke up, and there were less flies than the night before, but there were definitely quite a few news ones to deal with. So, for the first half of the day, we searched for more possible sources as well as ran around killing every fly we saw. By the time guests started arriving, we figured we had most of them killed off, and there wasn't really much else we could do, so we hid the fly swatter in the bathroom and tried to relax.

All night, I kept returning to the bathroom to kill another fly here and there. The whole time hoping that none of my in-laws were noticing. I think we were pretty stealthy in keeping them pretty controlled, but all night there were two of them flying around the main part of the house. I couldn't exactly take out the fly swatter and kill them in front of a houseload of guests, but I couldn't just ignore them either. I would find my eyes following them around the house, and then, find myself looking around at the other guests trying to see if THEY noticed the flies and if THEY were following them around with their eyes as well. No one seemed to really notice, or if they did, they didn't say anything, which is really good, 'cause I would have just been MORTIFIED. Seriously, who has a fly infestation in their house in the middle of winter? Yuck!

Anyway, that night, Armondo figured they MUST be coming up through the drains, so, we plugged the drains and killed off any flies remaining in the house and continued on with clean up. The next day there were even less, and there's been less each day following, but they're still appearing, and we cannot figure out where they are coming from! (Searches in the crawl space ruled out dead animals, and Armondo called a septic company who ruled out septic problems.)

The cats are quite enjoying playing with and chasing them though. So that's cheap entertainment!

Problem number 2: The hot water tank.

Weeks ago, I bought Armondo a watch for Christmas. It's a really cool Timex that has analogue and digital, as well as several alarms for several time zones. When I got it home, I stashed it with the rest of his presents in the way far back of our bedroom closet. (He knew his presents were there, and knew not to snoop.) The day after I bought the watch, I took a nap, and part way through the nap, an alarm on the watch started to beep! Not exactly the best way for a watch to stay hidden! So, I got up, tried to figure out how to stop the watch (stopping the analogue was easy, but I couldn't figure out the digital part) and I decided that I would stuff the watch in a bag full of "stuffing" (for cushions or stuffed animals) for sound proofing and threw it into the back of the closet on top of the hot water tank.

On Christmas Eve, I was getting all the presents together and stuffed some in Armondo's stocking. When I went to get the watch, I reached into the bag of stuffing and found that it was full of moisture. Upon further investigation, I found that the pipes on the top of the hot water tank had some corrosion on them, and there was a slow drip. It just so happens that the stuffing in the bag acted as a wick, and the watch box got soaked and soggy. The box was ruined, but luckily, the watch was just fine.

So, this means that on Christmas Eve, we were now faced with the possibility of a major hot water tank malfunction. I showed Armondo the damage, and warned him there might be some large project ahead in the next couple of days, but that that night wasn't the night to worry about it. (Can't do much at Christmas time anyway!)

So, yesterday, Armondo went out and bought all the new tubing, fittings and tools to replace the corroded stuff. He spent about $50, and when he got home, he told me "It's cool, I spent $50, and I got to buy more tools! I could have paid someone over $100 to do the job, but that way I wouldn't have these new tools!" (Such a man, eh?) Anyway, upon even further inspection today, it turns out that the top of the tank is all corroded too (it was covered by an insulating energy efficient blanket thingy) and now the whole thing needs to be replaced. Armondo is currently at the hardware store buying a new tank and the other bits he needs. (Woo hoo, another $300 down the drain.)

Problem number 3: Fat feet.

My feet are so swollen I can't wear my own shoes.

It started on the 23rd. By Christmas Eve, my feet were so humongous that my toes didn't touch the ground as I walked. If I need to leave the house, I have to wear Armondo's garden clogs. It's very sexy. And painful. My fingers are swollen a bit too. Enough that I can't hold a pen properly or open bottles of pop, but not enough to really look as ridiculous as my feet. I pretty much can't stand for any major period of time, and putting my feet up is pretty much an impossibility, 'cause it throws my hips outta whack, and then I can't move for hours. Oh, pregnancy is SOO much fun!

Problem number 4: My mother aka, the problem that wasn't really.

On Christmas day, I took my shower at around 2pm. We were expecting everyone to show up a little after 3pm, so as soon as I had finished getting everything ready around the house (and had finished killing as many flies as I could possibly find), I took my shower. While I was showering, Armondo came into the room and told me my mother had just phoned. I have not talked to my mother in about two years. Not since I was pregnant with Cherry. Apparently she was in my town, and was going to call me back in about an hour.

I started to panic. I was filled with mixed emotions. My mother is troubled. She's a possible drug user, possible drunk, and most definitely messed up. The last time I had talked to her was a couple of weeks before she got some thug to threaten to beat up my grandparents if they didn't give him (who was working for my mother) $600.

"Ack! What do I say when she calls? It's Christmas, of course I should be nice! What would Jesus do? I'll invite her for dinner, of course. Where will she sit? We already have to squish 11 adults into seats around two tables that really should only hold as many as four people each! Should I tell her to come AFTER dinner? What if she's stoned? I'm having a house full of recovering alcoholics, maybe it would be a good thing for her to come over!"

At which point Armondo interjects with:

"I so don't want Christmas to turn into a big AA meeting!"

Armondo was pretty good about the whole thing. He told me he didn't want my mother around because he didn't want to see me get hurt, but that I should do what I felt was right.

Then, we hid my purse and his wallet and waited for her call.

Which never came.

So, there you have it. A little bit of fun thrown into the mix. Things never just go 100% smoothly around this house. There's always got to be some sort of drama. But we seem to be able to take it all in stride. Pretty much only because we have a credit card with a high limit (to cover costs like the hot water tank) and we have a good little family of three (and a baby in a belly) here that love each other.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kid Quips

Me: What sound does a horsey make?

Cherry: Yee Haw!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Memories (the good stuff-more to come later)

Christmas morning started out with Armondo and I taking all of our stockings into Cherry's room and opening them in there. We figure that in the future, she'll come to US in the morning, but this year, we just went to her!

After stockings we let her out of her room, where, under the tree she discovered her new tricycle and Little People castle. (Isn't that bed head just PERFECT?)

She loved the trike, and was excited to put on her helmet and get up on it!

She was possibly a little TOO excited about the helmet, which she wore for most of the rest of the morning! Here she is opening a present from our blog buddies in Philly.

And here is Armondo, getting a little too excited about his new underwear. See his tongue? Yeah, he was practically drooling.

Speaking of drooling... Cherry loved her fake food. Little does she know that this present is to go along with her "big sister" gift of a kitchen that she's getting the day the baby is brought home.

After breakfast, Cherry is seen here in her second set of PJ's (from Philly). She got hollandaise sauce all over the first set of PJ's. And, she is also seen using my firm and large belly as a trampoline!

"Ooh, a belly button! And there's a Dolly in there, right?"

For the first time ever, "Nonny" was her favourite person. Once all the relatives showed up for the evening, she was clinging to me for hours. That is, until she warmed up to everyone else and started to totally ignore me. But I got quite a few good cuddles during the course of the evening, and I was loving it! "Daddy" is so last week!

These shots are the "Second Christmas" framer pictures. Doesn't she just look like a doll?
Serious business opening up these presents from Grandma!

My contribution to dinner. 10 345 servings of baked goods, and a punch. Armondo made the dinner. Besides what you see here, I also gave away four tins of goodies to our guests! And then, of course, there's all the stuff I already ate.

Dinner was awesome, there were 11 adults plus Cherry, and everything was wonderful. We all squeezed into our tiny house, and once we had our dinner and sat down, we could not move without getting three other people to get up to let ya out! You don't really need to see all the pictures of all the in-laws, but I thought I'd share this one. This guy, Armondo's mom's fiance, is my FAVOURITE in-law. Why? Can you see what he's doing? HE'S WASHING OUR DISHES! Well, he got at least half of them done! (Please ignore the nasty decor in the kitchen, it's the only room we haven't touched since we moved in.)

And this is a picture of Cherry on boxing day (the day after Christmas.) We just chilled all day. That is, after Armondo got up super early to go shopping at Future Shop! I thought I'd include this picture because, well it's super cute, and also, because this shows the THIRD set of pj's she wore on Christmas day due to getting covered in food! (Plus of course, she wore her dress. What does she think I am? A laundry fiend?)

And, over the next couple of days, I might just share the "not so good" Christmas stories. Thought I'd keep this post cute and good though.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Pre-Christmas Catch Up. *updated with photos.

It's another one of those posts. A catch-up post with several random thoughts mashed together pretending to be a real post! It'll probably be my last post until boxing day, unless by some miracle I have some free time tomorrow to post and something actually interesting happens from now until then!

~Aliens have invaded. Sabre, my grumpy, pissy, bitchy cat has disappeared, and in her place, some cute, cuddly, friendly, cat that's full of kisses has replaced her. I have no idea what happened! The cat who would never let me pick her up to pet her, is now tolerating not only being picked up, but being picked up UPSIDE DOWN, and is not only tolerating that, but is PURRING when I do it. She's always been a little warmer towards me than towards other family members, but seriously, something in her has changed in the past little while. She'll even PLAY with me, like a kitten! She's been cuddling in bed every night, and will even stay on the bed if I roll over or accidently kick her, which in the past was always the trigger to make her let out a hiss and run away!
"It's true, all of it is true. And I. Am. So. Embarrased!"

~Seriously, I don't deserve this! I REALLY wanted a burger last night. A spicy burger. I was going to go to Wendy's and get one, but was too lazy to do that. That, and Wendy's is sort of far away when you're lazy. So, Armondo got up off the couch, without saying anything, and made me a burger. It was a grilled chicken burger, and it was seriously THE. BEST. BURGER. I. HAVE. EVER. EATEN. He made this awesome spicy cheese sauce and everything. Oh man, I'm salivating just thinking about it!

~I'm evil. As if it isn't hard enough for a one and a half year old to resist touching a Christmas tree, but now I've added insult to injury and have put actual presents under the tree that she's not allowed to touch! Oh, but she's doing so well! I'm so proud of her!

~I'm crazy! So, due to the fact that I'm "due", I decided I wasn't going to travel anywhere this Christmas. So, umm.. we're having Christmas dinner here. And, including our little family, there will 12 people here for dinner! In our 1100 sq.ft house. With our junky little dining table, and our outdoor plastic lawn furniture! Oh, I'm so excited! (Did I mention that all of the family that's coming are my inlaws? That's right. None of MY family is coming, in fact, the majority of my family is MIA these days. Which means, it's just me against all of THEM. Wish me luck!)

~We are now officially your typical nuclear family. We got a mini van. It only took several days of test driving different vans and several hours sitting around in a dealership doing paper work, and we got ourselves a van. Yeah, and we forgot to bring extra diapers for Cherry that day too, so she had to run around with a full diaper for a couple of those hours while we did the paper work. She wasn't overly impressed, but was surprisingly good about it. You know? Having a mini van really rocks in bad weather! You can actually get INTO the vehicle while you're strapping the kid in, and you don't have to get rained on! Oh? and also? Key pad on the door in case you or your kid locks you out! So, she's locked me out of the house, but she will NOT lock me out of the car! (All the comments you guys made about that totally freaked me out!)

~I'm excited. This Christmas morning is going to be awesome! Cherry is so funny these days. Everything is "OOOHHH" and "WOW!" I'm looking forward to her reaction to her new tricycle and Little People Castle.

~So over baking. I have done SOOO much baking this year. I still have a couple of things to make, but I'm not totally sure if I'm going to or not. Tonight's the night to do it if I'm going to at all... The major problem isn't so much the baking itself, it's all the "testing"... which leads me to the next item.

~So over weight! I am seriously a porker this pregnancy. I've already gained close to 10 pounds more than my last pregnancy, and I still have some time yet to go. Dang you Christmas baking!

~Pain! GET. OUT. OF. MY. BELLY! The pain is killing me! The pressure on my pubic bone, the back pain, the indescribable pain that wakes me up screaming in the middle of the night and crying in pain for more than ten minutes... it's gotta stop. Baby, it's time to come out!

So, there you go. Some little tidbits. I'll be back in a couple of days hopefully with pictures from a great Christmas celebration!!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Totally Her Father's Daughter!

Me, walking into Cherry's room: "HEEEYYYYY, Who. Made. This. Big. Mess?"

Cherry: "DADDY!"

Love Thursday

Never done a "Love Thursday" post before, but I thought it would be a good way to share this picture I took of Cherry and her Daddy colouring yesterday. The two of them sat there for about half an hour colouring an old colouring book from my childhood. (Mr. T. pitites the fool!)

I took the picture shortly after her rude awakening yesterday. She stopped being all sucky and grumpy when Daddy took some time to sit with her and colour. (She didn't care that *I* actually coloured with her first. She just wanted her daddy! And well, he colours nicer than I do, so maybe that has something to do with it!)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sort of Like "Where's Waldo?" but a little cuter! *updated*

Today Cherry was a little grumpy Mc. Grumperson, so I INSISTED she take a nap. Well, she did end up falling asleep, but not until after she happily destroyed her room. And this is how she ended up:

That CANNOT be comfortable! (At least she put a blanket under her head!)

She's actually still there. I opened her door a few minutes ago, so she would "gently" wake up from her nap, and she's barely stirred. It's getting a little late in the day, so I don't want her sleeping too much longer, but after falling asleep in a position like that, I can't imagine she's going to be very refreshed and happy when she gets up!

*update* I decided that softly playing some Christmas music might be a good way to wake her up. Well, it probably was a good idea, except the sudden addition of an unknown voice in the house caused Jacy to start barking and freaking out, which in turn woke Cherry up suddenly instead of gradually. And, with tears.

So, I picked up my sucky little girl and parked her on the couch, where she lay for a few minutes just being sucky!

I'm dreading the day that she no longer wears footy pjs!

Oh, and yeah, turns out that not only did she fall asleep on top of a bunch of toys, but one of the toys was a doll stroller! She fell asleep right across the hard handles of the thing! I won't be surprised if she has bruises across her ribs!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Name Has Been Chosen!

A few days back, I took a poll asking what the best "blog name" for the little girl who's on her way.

And, the winner is....


How cute!

So, it'll be Cherry and Peaches.

Now, if the baby somehow hid its parts during the ultrasound and turns out to be a boy, we'll have to do this all over again!

But for now, "Peaches" it is!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Good Cookies Deserve to be Shared!

Oh my goodness! Debambam, your Anzac Biscuits are SOOO good!

Awhile back, Kelly wrote about some cookies she made (on her old blog, I don't think it's archived) and I asked her for the recipe. Well, it took me several months to try it, but I figured that with the holidays here, it was time to give them a try! I've been baking up a storm lately, making shortbread cookies, Nanaimo bars, chocolate chip cookies, haystacks, and now the Anzacs. I still have butter tarts to make.

I highly recommend these Anzac Biscuits though! They're easy to make, and they're so tasty! (All of the recipes I've been making have actually been pretty good, so if you want to know how to make any of the other goodies I mentioned, just let me know!)

Anyway, if you're interested, here's Debambam's recipe! (reprinted without permission! and using N. American terms)

1 Cup coconut

1 Cup all purpose flour

1 Cup cooking Oats

1 Cup sugar

2 tbs boiling water

1 tsp baking soda

125g/half cup butter or margarine

2 tablespoons Golden Syrup (corn syrup)

Mix first four ingredients together in a bowl.

Melt butter with syrup.

Dissolve baking soda in boiling water then stir into butter and syrup mixture-it will foam up.

Mix dry and wet ingredients until well combined.

Shape heaped teaspoonfuls into balls (a little smaller than a golf ball), flatten slightly and place on cookie sheet covered with foil leaving 1-2 inches space between each cookie. *Umm.. I read this wrong, I think... I made the cookies with foil covering the COOKIES, not the sheet, so um.. maybe Debambam can straighten me out on that one!*

Bake in a moderate oven (around 350F) for around 11-14 mins or until golden brown.

Remove from oven and stand for 2 mins before placing on wire rack to cool. (Or just leave them on the sheets until they cool-worked for me). If you're moving them to racks, be careful because they will still be soft.

Don't assume that because they are still soft that they aren't cooked. Do not put them back into the oven. They will harden up a bit once cool, but still stay nice and chewy!

Thanks Kelly! I think they're going to be a family favourite!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Of blood, sweat, and tears.

~Armondo cut the quick on one of Annie's toes last night. There's blood all over the house. She bled slowly almost all night. She's fine. Armondo stopped the bleeding this morning with superglue that he ran out of the house at quarter to eight to go buy. I repeat: Annie's fine. But we were pretty freaked out. Now, Armondo gets to take out the carpet cleaner and shampoo the carpets. And I get to bleach the blood spotted white bed sheets that Annie just had to jump onto. (We made sure that Annie would be ok, by double checking on the phone with the vet.)

~Armondo and I have no clue about cars. So, when our car started sputtering and stalling the other day, we were both a little freaked out about it, but ignored it. Last night it started again, but it got to the point that we almost stalled in the middle of the highway. Time to deal with it! But it was too late to get it into a shop. So, after we (luckily) made it home, I got on the 'net and figured out that we probably need to replace the fuel filter. So, after stopping Annie's bleeding toe, Armondo went off to get the car fixed up.

~We might be trading in our car and buying a mini van soon. We SO cannot afford to do this right now, but Armondo is right when he says that this is the best time of year to do such a deal, and we need it before summer in order to go camping again. There is NO way we'd be able to fit TWO kids, two dogs and all of our gear in the car this time. We barely fit it all last time! So, after Armondo is done fixing our car, he's off to a dealership to look at mini vans and to see how much our car would be worth as a trade in.

Wow, What an exciting life we lead!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Slight update.

Thought I'd give you an update from the land o' storms.

First of all, sorry for being lazy and not really answering comments the past day or so. I'm reading them all, I swear, but I've sort of been busy.

Busy doing what?

Well, I've been baking.

And sleeping.

And braving blackouts almost every day.

And that's pretty much it. I'm in so much pain these days. I'm running out of breath just reading stories to Cherry. I'm big, and heavy and ready to get this little munchkin outta me! I spend more time laying down than anything else these days. Armondo's been an awesome help. Actually, he's pretty much taken over all of the responsibilities around the house and has been taking care of Cherry.

But! I have all of my Christmas shopping done (which was pretty easy, 'cause I only bought for Cherry and Armondo), and I only have two presents left to put into gift bags. (We don't use wrapping paper here. Bags are much easier, and re-usable, which is how we roll.)

And besides all the Christmas presents and empty decoration bins littering the nursery, we're ready for the baby to come!

And, umm.. that's it for now. I *might* have something good to write some day soon. Don't hold your breath ;)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Isn't He Dreamy?

Me: Geez, I'm feeling so SICK lately!

Armondo: Maybe you're pregnant.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Preggo Photos.

I've been wanting to take some "artsy" photos of my belly, and I've been bugging Armondo about it for a while now, but due to the scare last night, I figured TODAY was the day! So, he took around 70 photos and we got quite a few good ones! Here's a sample. (Quite a few were nude, but they're sort of private, so here's some of the not-so-nude ones.)

See, I DID end up with stretch marks. But I like them! (The lighter ones are from my pregnancy with Cherry, the darker ones are new.) I probably won't like them as much when my tummy is all loose and saggy!

If I Disapear for a While...

It might be because we've been hit by another major weather front, and we've been left in the dark for hours on end...


It might be because I'm off delivering a baby...

Last night the power went out due to a large windstorm. I don't know WHAT us southern coast British Columbians did to smite the Gods, but we sure are taking a beating this year!

So, Armondo cooked our dinner on the wood stove and we ate in candlelight last night. The power was out for over 11 hours.

And then...

I started getting contractions. In the dark. (Oooh, contractions by candlelight, sounds sort of.. romantic!) A bunch of them, 15 minutes apart. But they were mild and they stopped after a couple of hours. But it made us get our asses into gear. We got my hospital bag packed, and made some final arrangements with my wonderful friend L.B. who will be watching Cherry while we're at the hospital.

So, that's the heads up. I could have this baby soon. Maybe not for a couple of weeks... but my body is getting ready! And NONE of you guessed it would be born in December!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Random Quips.

Last night while watching SNL:

Me: "Does it bother you that that (black) dude has a mohawk?" (Joking)

Armondo: "Yeah, it's like he's totally trying to steal my culture!" (Joking)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Stressing out. But it's a good stress, right?

Ok, so dang... we're having another girl. I umm.. whoa, I totally don't know how to fathom that. I never thought that I'd ACTUALLY have two girls.

I mean, sure I was worried about boy pee and all the other things that go along with having a boy vs. a girl. Sure I thought it would be best to have two girls so that we could get more use out of the hand-me-downs and they can share a room and whatever, but to be honest, I just really didn't think it would happen!

When the tech hinted it would be a girl, I didn't really believe her. I mean, I didn't think she was LYING or anything, I just thought for sure it would be a boy. Not that I "felt" that it was a boy or anything, it's just that... well, you have a girl, then you have a boy, right? That's the way it's happened for almost everyone in both Armondo's and my families.

And OMG. How to you choose a SECOND perfect girl name? Is it even possible? There's one name that I really like, and so does Armondo, but if we use that name, we're going to be one of those families that gets laughed at because all of our kids names start with the same letter. And in our case, it would mean that the shortened form of Armondo's real name, Cherry's real name, and the other child's name would all be the same. (Sort of like having the names Alexander, Alexia, and Alexandria or something.) We have a shortened list of girls' names, but seriously, none of them are really appealing to me except the one that's so similar to the others!

But I think I've come up with a couple of "blog" names for the little one. I need your input though. I put some of the suggestions you guys had for this post.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's a girl! (Or at least the tech hinted that way!)


I got my second and final ultrasound today. The baby had been breach for awhile, and I needed the ultrasound so we could check the position. Well, yesterday, I felt the baby move back the right way, and today the ultrasound confirmed the baby is head down. (This is a VERY good thing!)

So, I told the tech that I wanted to know the sex, and she told me that she wasn't allowed to tell me (which I already knew) and that she'd take pictures of the area and the radiologist would decide whether to include it in the report or not.

But I asked her to pass the wand over the genital area so we could try to see for ourselves, to which she replied "that won't help you much." Then she said.. "think about what I just said!"

To which I said "well, that could mean two things: One, that the umbilical cord is there, so it wouldn't help us much, or Two, there's nothing there to see."

To which she replied "the second option is a little more likely."

So, apparently it's a girl. A girl with Angelina Jolie lips.

And the baby kept on blinking the whole time we were watching it, which the tech said was really amazing and that she'd never seen that before. So, we've got an amazing, big lipped girl on the way. How exciting!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

That's my Hubby!

Me: "You know, last night when I was driving home, there was this guy totally riding my ass most of the way!"

Armondo, with an angered tone: "That's MY job!"

Commercial for a new personal lubricant spray comes on TV.

Armondo: "Oooh, just in time for Christmas!"

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I really love it when Armondo helps out and does dishes and other cleaning duties around the house. But sometimes, when he leaves the sink like this:

I wonder... is it bad for me to be a little pissed off?

(No, I didn't bitch about it. I threw one offhand "eww, the sink is disgusting" out there, but he didn't do anything about it. I know the truth is he saved me about 30 minutes of work by doing the dishes and it will only take me a couple of minutes to clean the sink, but still... YUCK!)

My First Time.

This week I watched "The Sound of Music" for the first time! I say "this week" 'cause it was a three day process! That movie is LONG.

Long and lovely!

I can't get the songs out of my head. My kid is even singing the tunes! (I think, though I can't be certain.)

Cherry and I danced in the living room during the ball room dance and sang and laughed together.

Then there was the "intemission". And besides the wedding, the rest of the movie is sort of depressing. I like to pretend that bad things didn't really happen. Armondo likes the second half better. Oh well, a little for the gals, a little for the guys.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll be buying that movie soon, as I'm sure it'll be a family favourite!

Oh yeah, and it only enforced my belief in the fact that Nannys are NOT a good idea! Bring them into the house, you're only asking for your husband to fall in love!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Photos With Santa

On Friday evening, we took the little one to get photos done with Santa. At first, we did a family shot, to try to get her used to the Big Guy (and that picture turned out crappy, luckily it was all done digitally, so we were able to scrap it and demand another one!)

Then, we left the kid to take a picture with Santa by herself, but she would have none of it! She cried as I set her on his lap, and was much to squirmy to even get a crying Santa shot, so, Santa just knelt on the floor, and the camera guy got a pic as Cherry was running towards her daddy who was standing by the camera guy.

You can't really tell here, but she's a good two feet ahead of him running away as the photo was shot! At least she's smiling!

Then we demanded another family shot, and here it is. Do I look eight and a half months pregnant to you? Naw, didn't think so! Black is a magical shade to wear!

(much better than the white outfit from the last holiday!)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

So, this is what parenting is all about, eh?

This is the post I promised. The first part is what I wrote when it happened, but I stopped part way through, and now I'm finishing it!

I never really understood how people could "hide" their house keys under mats, or in flower pots or other places outside their home. It never really seemed all that "safe" to me.

I understand now. Those people all have or have had kids.

I'm writing this now to help calm myself down. I won't be posting it until after everything is all fixed and worked out.

I needed wood for the woodstove, so I left Cherry and the dogs inside while I walked to the woodshed in the back yard. It's not like I went far, or I was gone for very long, but it was long enough for Cherry to engage the lock on the bottom of the sliding glass door. Her new trick: pushing buttons.

So, there I stood on the outside of the glass door trying to tell her to press the other button to unlock the door and there SHE stood on the inside having no idea what her crazy mother was trying to tell her to do. Then I burst into tears. Then SHE burst into tears. Then I quickly racked my brain as to what to do next. I looked over at my neighbour's house, and both cars were in the driveway, so I ran over there and tried their doorbell, which apparently doesn't work, and their screen door was locked, so I couldn't knock on the door, so I started to run away in a panic, then their dogs starting barking, which alerted the neighbour, who I could see stand up in his living room, and so I started waving wildly...

And that's as far as I got... The rest of the story..

My neighbour noticed me, and came out to see what was wrong. I was bawling as I told him I needed help breaking into the house to get to my kid. He quickly grabbed some tools and met me in my yard. At first he tried to lift the sliding door to get it open, but that didn't work. Then I got him to climb on our oil tank to try to see if he could get into the only window that I hadn't put a stick into, and that didn't work. (The regular window lock was engaged).

Inside, Cherry was shaking and crying uncontrollably, and outside, I was doing the same. I finally figured out that I was going to have to break a window to get inside, so I took the neighbour around to a kitchen window, where he broke one of the small panes and turned the handle to open the window for me. Luckily, the blinds were closed, so the glass just fell down onto the sill and not all over the floor where Cherry was standing.

I hopped into the house, thanking the neighbour, who replied "I guess I can break a window as well as the next guy!" and I ran to Cherry who, at this point was in complete hysterics. (I figure she wouldn't have even realized anything was wrong if her crazy mother wasn't in hysterics herself!)

I spent the next few minutes holding her and trying to calm down, then I gave her a bottle and set her in front of the TV where she happily sat while I tried to figure out what to do next.

I looked at the clock, and noticed it was almost 5pm, so I started making some phone calls. I wasn't by any means calm by this point, but figured I should call and make an appointment with the glass shop before it closed. So, I called the closest place, and in between sobs and sputters, I told the guy I needed my window replaced, who told me that I would have to call back the next day to make an appointment. I said "Can't I make an appointment TODAY for tomorrow?" To which, the insensitive jerk said "Nope."

So, then I called my house insurance broker to see if the window was covered by insurance. (I couldn't, for the life of me remember if we paid for the extra window insurance or not.) The woman on the line was gentle with me, and calmly listened as I tried to explain my situation between sobs.

Then, I spent the next three full hours crying. I was so upset. Part of it was most definitely pregnancy hormones. Part of it was just feeling so incredibly scared that I had put my child in a pretty dangerous situation. Part of it was that I felt really, incredibly alone, due to the fact that Armondo wasn't home. Part of it was that I had a broken window, in an easily accessible place that was just asking for an intruder to break into.(Unlikely, given where we live, but I wasn't really thinking rationally.) Part of it was that I had to figure out how to cover that window as the weather was incredibly bad. And, to top it all off, I couldn't get ahold of Armondo on the boat, and I just really wanted to talk to him!

In the end, I covered the window with some plastic bags, and I still happened to have an old fridge on the deck at that time, so all eight months preggo of me moved that fridge in front of the window (on the outside) to partially help block the wind, and partially act as a security measure. (I know that if *I* could move the fridge, that so could a robber, but I figured I would at least HEAR an intruder move it, and I'd have enough time to dial 911.)

I didn't sleep well that night at all.

The next day, I got a different glass company come to fix the glass, and the small little piece of glass cost a whole of $8, whereas all the other fees, such as "truck fees", "labour", etc, made the total pretty darn close to $100. (Yikes!)

So now, I have a spare key hidden outside, as well as I ALWAYS take my keys with me when ever I leave the house! But now, all is good, 'cause Armondo is home, and I make HIM get the wood for the wood stove!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Guess What We Did Last Night?

It's the most beautiful tree I've ever decorated! We bought a fake tree *gasp* and put some LED lights on it. I bought a bunch of blue and silver balls, as our base colours, then put all of our silly plastic ornaments on afterwards. I even bought too many ornaments and have to return some! I love it. Cherry loves it too. "OOOHHHH" she says. And she's listening well so far and not touching!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Armondo is Home!


Armondo came home today after being gone for three + weeks.

These last few weeks have been the hardest of my life! Between having crazy colds, sore hips, nasty rain, water boiling, isolating snow, and being more than eight months pregnant, things have been tough.

But my knight in shining armor has returned!

No more hauling heavy baskets of wood from the shed to the wood stove! Cooking duties being shared! Dish duties being shared! I won't have to get up every single time in the middle of the night with Cherry!

I tried not to complain about him not being home while he was actually away, 'cause I have to admit I was feeling a little vulnerable. I did mention some things that would indicate that he wasn't here, but I tried not to make it too obvious.

He'll be home now probably straight through most of February!

So, that's it for tonight, but now that he's home, I'm going to go back and find a draft post I started writing the night Cherry locked me out of the house and finish and post it soon!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tired of Hearing about the Weather Yet?

I call it "The Lonely Apple"

She calls it "Appooo?"

"Forgotten Berries"

"Dancing Water, Frozen in Time"*


Mmm.. icicle!



Yup. That's it. That's our life right now. It has snowed non-stop for the last 24 hours or so. Just a little, light dusting for 24 hours, but it has accumulated up to a few more inches.

We are trapped. Even if I WANTED to drive in this crazy white stuff, there'd be no way I'd get out of the driveway.

Here on the southern west coast of British Columbia, we don't know the meaning of "winter tires". Therefore, we hang out in our house for days on end.

I might decorate tonight. There's no good TV on tonight (I know, I know, "House" is supposed to be good, but I have yet to watch it, and really, I NEED to have a night off of the TV at least once or twice a week, 'cause I watch MUCH TOO MUCH TV.) I'm thinking I'm sending Armondo out on the ladder in the next couple of days to hang the outside lights. This will be the first year we've ever hung outside lights, and the first Christmas spent at home! I'm going to go a little crazy on the decorations, I think. I'm buying a fake tree soon (you know, if I'm ever able to get out of the house) and I'm going to cover it with blue and silver decorations. That's the plan anyway. I've got lots of other decorations to put out though in the meantime.

Now, sorry, back to the weather. What the heck is WITH THIS WEATHER? Two weeks ago we were being pelted with rain and wind, forcing us to boil our water for several days on end, and now we're being buried in the white stuff, two whole months earlier than usual! And, according to Erin, who left a comment in my last post, said we have more snow here than she does in ALASKA! We were lucky here to have not get flooded out with the rain, but I'm sure when this snow melts, we're going to float away! Anyway, wish us good luck!

*isn't it cute how I named some of the photos?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

SNOW! *updated* *updated again*

Ok, so it's totally snowing! AWESOME. I know I said I didn't want it to snow. But we have all the groceries we need, and we don't have to go anywhere, so we're all good to enjoy it! It's coming down like CRAZY! It won't stay long, but I'm hoping it'll snow enough to go throw Cherry into it. That is in our square metre part of our yard that's not covered in tree or dog poo.

*update* So, I bundled the kid up and we went outside to play!
Do I have to tell you that she loved it???

Oh yeah, we're rocking to Christmas music right now too.

*Update #2* Click here to see a video of her playing in the snow!