Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sort of Like "Where's Waldo?" but a little cuter! *updated*

Today Cherry was a little grumpy Mc. Grumperson, so I INSISTED she take a nap. Well, she did end up falling asleep, but not until after she happily destroyed her room. And this is how she ended up:

That CANNOT be comfortable! (At least she put a blanket under her head!)

She's actually still there. I opened her door a few minutes ago, so she would "gently" wake up from her nap, and she's barely stirred. It's getting a little late in the day, so I don't want her sleeping too much longer, but after falling asleep in a position like that, I can't imagine she's going to be very refreshed and happy when she gets up!

*update* I decided that softly playing some Christmas music might be a good way to wake her up. Well, it probably was a good idea, except the sudden addition of an unknown voice in the house caused Jacy to start barking and freaking out, which in turn woke Cherry up suddenly instead of gradually. And, with tears.

So, I picked up my sucky little girl and parked her on the couch, where she lay for a few minutes just being sucky!

I'm dreading the day that she no longer wears footy pjs!

Oh, and yeah, turns out that not only did she fall asleep on top of a bunch of toys, but one of the toys was a doll stroller! She fell asleep right across the hard handles of the thing! I won't be surprised if she has bruises across her ribs!


Julie said...

Oh wow, seeing that stroller under her ribcage makes me hurt. Kids, huh?

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I don't know how they do adorable though!

Hillary said...

At what point do we lose that resiliency to ridiculously uncmfortable positions? (um, actually, it's probably at about the same point that we stop being cute when sprwled out accross the floor!)

Mr. Fabulous said...

My God she is beyond cute! LOL

Kim said...

Too cute!!! They can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions and never have a stiff neck when they wake up.

K. said...

Aww, poor baby! She must have been exhausted. My boy fell asleep like that beside one of his toys just 3 days ago. It is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Poor little thing! She just looks so tired and grumpy, and too adorable for words.

Anonymous said...

The footie pajamas....they kill me. There is nothing like the sound of that shuffling from a sweet, sleepy baby .

BTW, have you ever considered auditioning Cherry for Extrme Makeover Home Edition? She can demo a room with the best of them!

shandelle said...

I really wish I could fall asleep anywhere like that. It's like they have this numbness on top of super flexibility. another thing i'd like!!!! hehehehe. i had to take a second look at the pic. When I first saw it I thought it was her blankets (the stripes). Funny

CeCe said...

Julie~Yeah, seems very painful! But, no bruises as far as I can see.


Hillary~Very good point!

Mr.Fab~I think so!

Kim~She might have been sore this time though! Just didn't have the words to tell me!

K.~She never does it in the living room or anything, just in her room.

Melora~It took awhile for her to cheer up! (See new post)

Avalon~That's a great idea, hee hee.

Shandelle~Like I said "Where's Waldo?"!