Sunday, December 03, 2006

So, this is what parenting is all about, eh?

This is the post I promised. The first part is what I wrote when it happened, but I stopped part way through, and now I'm finishing it!

I never really understood how people could "hide" their house keys under mats, or in flower pots or other places outside their home. It never really seemed all that "safe" to me.

I understand now. Those people all have or have had kids.

I'm writing this now to help calm myself down. I won't be posting it until after everything is all fixed and worked out.

I needed wood for the woodstove, so I left Cherry and the dogs inside while I walked to the woodshed in the back yard. It's not like I went far, or I was gone for very long, but it was long enough for Cherry to engage the lock on the bottom of the sliding glass door. Her new trick: pushing buttons.

So, there I stood on the outside of the glass door trying to tell her to press the other button to unlock the door and there SHE stood on the inside having no idea what her crazy mother was trying to tell her to do. Then I burst into tears. Then SHE burst into tears. Then I quickly racked my brain as to what to do next. I looked over at my neighbour's house, and both cars were in the driveway, so I ran over there and tried their doorbell, which apparently doesn't work, and their screen door was locked, so I couldn't knock on the door, so I started to run away in a panic, then their dogs starting barking, which alerted the neighbour, who I could see stand up in his living room, and so I started waving wildly...

And that's as far as I got... The rest of the story..

My neighbour noticed me, and came out to see what was wrong. I was bawling as I told him I needed help breaking into the house to get to my kid. He quickly grabbed some tools and met me in my yard. At first he tried to lift the sliding door to get it open, but that didn't work. Then I got him to climb on our oil tank to try to see if he could get into the only window that I hadn't put a stick into, and that didn't work. (The regular window lock was engaged).

Inside, Cherry was shaking and crying uncontrollably, and outside, I was doing the same. I finally figured out that I was going to have to break a window to get inside, so I took the neighbour around to a kitchen window, where he broke one of the small panes and turned the handle to open the window for me. Luckily, the blinds were closed, so the glass just fell down onto the sill and not all over the floor where Cherry was standing.

I hopped into the house, thanking the neighbour, who replied "I guess I can break a window as well as the next guy!" and I ran to Cherry who, at this point was in complete hysterics. (I figure she wouldn't have even realized anything was wrong if her crazy mother wasn't in hysterics herself!)

I spent the next few minutes holding her and trying to calm down, then I gave her a bottle and set her in front of the TV where she happily sat while I tried to figure out what to do next.

I looked at the clock, and noticed it was almost 5pm, so I started making some phone calls. I wasn't by any means calm by this point, but figured I should call and make an appointment with the glass shop before it closed. So, I called the closest place, and in between sobs and sputters, I told the guy I needed my window replaced, who told me that I would have to call back the next day to make an appointment. I said "Can't I make an appointment TODAY for tomorrow?" To which, the insensitive jerk said "Nope."

So, then I called my house insurance broker to see if the window was covered by insurance. (I couldn't, for the life of me remember if we paid for the extra window insurance or not.) The woman on the line was gentle with me, and calmly listened as I tried to explain my situation between sobs.

Then, I spent the next three full hours crying. I was so upset. Part of it was most definitely pregnancy hormones. Part of it was just feeling so incredibly scared that I had put my child in a pretty dangerous situation. Part of it was that I felt really, incredibly alone, due to the fact that Armondo wasn't home. Part of it was that I had a broken window, in an easily accessible place that was just asking for an intruder to break into.(Unlikely, given where we live, but I wasn't really thinking rationally.) Part of it was that I had to figure out how to cover that window as the weather was incredibly bad. And, to top it all off, I couldn't get ahold of Armondo on the boat, and I just really wanted to talk to him!

In the end, I covered the window with some plastic bags, and I still happened to have an old fridge on the deck at that time, so all eight months preggo of me moved that fridge in front of the window (on the outside) to partially help block the wind, and partially act as a security measure. (I know that if *I* could move the fridge, that so could a robber, but I figured I would at least HEAR an intruder move it, and I'd have enough time to dial 911.)

I didn't sleep well that night at all.

The next day, I got a different glass company come to fix the glass, and the small little piece of glass cost a whole of $8, whereas all the other fees, such as "truck fees", "labour", etc, made the total pretty darn close to $100. (Yikes!)

So now, I have a spare key hidden outside, as well as I ALWAYS take my keys with me when ever I leave the house! But now, all is good, 'cause Armondo is home, and I make HIM get the wood for the wood stove!


Sarah said...

Fecal. I`m sorry about all that, CeCe. :(

Kristina Brooke said...

CeCe, OMG. I'm not pregnant and was on the verge of tears for you. I don't even have a copy of the keys for our place. guess what i'll be doing tomorrow?!

Mr. Fabulous said...

You poor thing! Wow...I just picture you and Cherry there on opposite sides of the door about broke my heart...

I am glad it worked out for the best!

van b's said...

Hi Celena,
It's Shelly. Oh, I feel your pain, girl. One time, Jason and I were across town and the boys were home with a babysitter, midsummer in Nevada so at least 90 degrees. We got a call on our cell that Easton had closed the slider into the backyard as they were all having a jump on the trampoline. We had one of those extra security locks on the slider and it engaged. Now the boys and their babysitter were locked out in the heat after jumping in the heat, overheated and no shade in our new yard. So, luckily, the babysitter had called her mom and when we got there, they were all sipping Slurpees on the front porch but I in my mother's irrational mind had them all passed out from heat stroke by the time we got there.'re not alone or crazier than anyone else who has children, other than that you moved a fridge!!! :)~

andrea said...

This took me back years ago to when we'd just moved into the first house we'd ever bought, a townhouse, and didn't realize how loose the back sliding door latch was. It locked my husband, the dog and me out while our 9 month old son was having a nap upstairs. I don't remember how we got in again (before he woke up), only the overwhelming panic I felt at not being there when he did. I could feel his fear. It was terifying and nothing ever even happened.

Julie said...

Just a thought, you might want to keep the spares at the neighbors, if they're usually home.

A friend of mine got home from running errands one super hot summer day with her 9 month old, who was screaming in the backseat. She handed him the car keys, complete with key faub, to appease him while she grabbed some things from the trunk. The car doors were shut and to her horror the little one hit the "lock" on the key faub and locked himself in the car.

The spare keys were in the house, but she hadn't gone up and unlocked the house yet. Her cell phone was in the car. It was 95+ degrees. She had to run to the neighbors and call the police and wait for them to arrive and finally get her little boy out of the steamy hot car.

Lessons learned: spare keys are worth the risk once kids can lock something. I'm so glad things worked out ok. I'm just astonished that you got your pregnant body through a window! Unless your kitchen windows are much bigger than mine, I don't know that I'd fit through it at my smallest pre-pregnancy size, much less in the later stages of pregnancy!

Kim said...

Oh boy, isn't that fun:o) My sister did that when her daughter was newborn and since they live at the end of the dirt road, she had to run up the road to her neighbors house, who happened to be a locksmith:o)

I have found my self crawling back in the window at my house a couple times after being locked out. Two times afte having the stick I keep in my sliding glass door base, knocked back in. Once by my dogs and the second by my nieces. Now, if I am in the back or pool, I make sure the stick is on the table and not just leaning against the wall.

Glad the window didn't cost that much to fix.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I felt sick to my stomach reading that, thinking about how you must have been feeling. Time for me to start thinking about a spare key! Glad to hear that the hubby is home now, and can take care of you in the last little bit of your preggoness! We STILL need to get together soon, before that belly of your pops! After that too, because my baby is getting too big and I need some little baby snuggles! :) Let me know when's good for you.
Is that the Jason and Shelly from the "good old days"? Crazy...haven't heard from or about them in ages!!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness! What a harrowing experience, for both you and the babe. I'm glad it worked out okay aside from the super expensive broken window.

CeCe said...

Sarah~Yeah, it sucked.

Kristina~Well, if my story can help someone else out, then that's good!

Mr.Fab~It WAS very sad!

Shelly~Yikes, your story is scary too!

Andrea~Yet, another one! I'm glad I'm not alone! Not that I wish it to happen to anyone else, of course!

Julie~I'm not real close with the neighbours, actually, and they're not usually home either! So, the key is in a hidden place on my own property! And yeah, we rented a car once with the auto lock keychain thing, and I was SOO paranoid about it!

Kim~Ooh, I wish I lived close to a locksmith!

Alisha~My phone is all messed up, since the snow fall, so that's why I haven't called you yet, but YES, let's get together! And yes, that's Shelly from the good old days, she just randomly found my blog a couple of weeks back!

Erin~Yes, I'm glad it was ok in the end too! It took me awhile to just be able to realize it was ok in the end though!

debambam said...

I used to use a safety pin to keep my keys handy, Zoe discovered buttons and locks very early on in life. Lucky for me I never had to use them, so I can't imagine what this must have been like for you.

Anonymous said...

Cece~~ Luckily, I have never been locked outside of my own house, but last summer, my elderly neighbor who was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's locked herself out. In her panic, she could not remember anyone's number....not even 911. I found her sitting on her front porch crying. She insisted that I NOT call 911 because she was afraid they would put her into a nursing home.
I found myself crawling through her back bedroom window to unlock her door to let her in.
She has since been placed in a nursing home, but that day, I just kept praying that no one would see me and call the police!

CeCe said...

Kelly~You're smart!

Avalon~Oh, you mean I get to look forward to this again when I'm old too! Dang!

shandelle said...

you poor girl. I feel for you. Pregnant or not that must have been scary and I would be bawling. Just goes to show how strong you are, both emotionally and physically!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I could feel your panic reading that. What an awful experience.

I did something similar when Jack was a baby only he was locked in a car, in summer with no window open. Horrible.

CeCe said...

Shandelle~I really didn't FEEL strong, that's for sure!!

Cherrypie~I'm so not looking forward to the day that that happens!