Friday, August 18, 2006

Baby's First Camping Trip.

Our trip started off with a two hour drive and a 15 min ferry ride.

The weather was beautiful and the short ferry ride was quite pleasant.

The campgrounds were quite nice, and it's not exactly like we were roughing it. Close by there were washrooms with running water and toilets, coin operated showers that we didn't use, and even a small laundry mat (that we also didn't use).

There weren't really many bugs either. There was the odd wasp, a few tiny ants, and at one point there was a bit of an attack of termites that lasted a whole 5 min and I was the only one around to witness it.

Our accommodations were comfortable too.
Yes, honey, I can see you all the way over there!

The ten man tent was quite roomy. We probably could have been fine with a smaller tent, but it was nice to be able to fit Cherry's whole playpen in there, along with our double size air mattress, all of our clothes and junk, as well as the dog bed and two dogs. The tent probably had about the same square footage as our master bedroom! I knew it was going to be large, and Armondo was disappointed that we only got a double sized air mattress when we could have fit something as large as a king in there, but I reminded him that if we got a larger mattress, we'd have to buy new sheets, 'cause the biggest bed we have at home is a double.

The canopy above the site was beautiful too. We were entertained by several squirrels who chittered, barked, and squeeked away as they jumped and ran from tree to tree. We don't see many squirrels close to where we live (even though we're quite rural), so I was quite amused while watching their antics.

After setting up camp the first day, we set out to the beach. Where we were, there were two beaches. One on one side was really rocky and less sheltered, and more "rough". We went there the first day.

Cherry spend the whole time lifting rocks and BOULDERS, and putting them into her yellow dump truck.
Practicing shot put for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Cherry wasn't overly impressed with the crabs I tried to show her. She was much more interested in playing with rocks. Annie on the other hand, chased the crabs all over the beach. (Sorry no pics of that.)

(Oh, and the hair do on Cherry? That's not the wind blowing it that way. That was her style for the day! Armondo combed it all backwards the night before when it was wet, and this is how it stayed for the whole next day. Poor kid!)

The first night went pretty well. Cherry went to sleep pretty easily at her regular bedtime, and Armondo and I stayed up only a bit later to play cards. The next morning, Armondo took the dogs for a run while I tried to put Cherry down for a nap. The nap didn't go as smoothly as bedtime the night before, and there was a huge struggle. I was exhausted due to having not slept perfectly the night before, and was close to tears when Armondo got back to the campsite. It wasn't until both dogs, Armondo and I were all laying down and being quiet did Cherry give into going to sleep for her nap.

Then we went to the other beach. This beach was more of a "swimming" beach, and it was quite beautiful. Again, Cherry played with the rocks and filled her truck up over and over, but her new trick was running away from us over and over. (The rocks were a bit easier to maneuver on this side than on the other!)
You can't catch me! Here I go!

The beach was kind of neat in that people had set up all these little driftwood forts.We set ourselves up in one and enjoyed the shade.
And then I tried to take a picture with the three of us in it. As Armondo says "Nice crotch shot!"

More importantly, I got a cute shot of Cherry and I.

I figured that that night Cherry would go down without much of a fuss considering she had RUN around for hours at the beach. I was wrong though. She didn't fall asleep until about an hour and a half after her regular bedtime.

The dogs, on the other hand, were quite pooped!

Awww... aren't they cute?!?

The next day, after Armondo made breakfast and let me sleep in, we packed everything up and headed back home. The SECOND we left the campsite, half a dozen or so crows came down and gobbled up all the little specks of food we had left behind. Those crows had been watching us for HOURS!

And the next day, we returned our 10 man, $200 tent to Walmart.

Oh, don't think of me that way! We didn't scam them! The tent actually came with a small hole in one of the pole sleeves and when we were taking it down, we noticed several seams were separating. We'll buy a new one for camping next year for sure! We loved it!


Belinda said...

I am amazed that even your tent and lean-tos were CLEAN.

And I want to give those poor doggies sweaters. They didn't get to come in the tent and share body heat? What if a critter got them?

You young people, with your camping.

CeCe said...

They came into the tent once we did! They were fine! They had a GREAT time.

K. said...

I love the pic of you and Cherry together. And that tent... wow! If I had a tent like that I just might be willing to go camping myself.

Evan said...

Just a nice post that sent me on my way imagining and getting a better idea of the beautiful Canadian countryside.
Thanks for that.

Kim said...

I love that lean-to. Looks liek a lot of fun and that tent is huge!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow, that is the biggest tent I've ever seen!

I'm glad you had a great time. Those pictures of Cherry are precious.

maidink said...

That's a tent? Okay, maybe camping isn't so primitive.

Love the photos (especially the one with you and the little one).

Huh huh huh, Armondo said "crotch".

debambam said...

My god, that tent should have been called a marquee it was so huge!! Glad you all had a great time, the photo of those trees is just awesome and I didn't notice the 'crotch' shot, till you mentioned it.....

CeCe said...

K.~Camping has always been fun for me, but having that tent made it that much better!

Evan~Like I said before, "All Canadians want to go to Aus, and all Aussies want to come to Can.!"

Kim~The fort thing was a nice little shelter from the sun for sure!

Mr.Fab~It was huge! And thank you.

Maidink~You should try camping. If you come out here, I'm taking you camping!

Debambam~Hee hee, it was such a poor photo that I wouldn't have included it if there wasn't an excuse to say "crotch".

Tricia said...

That has to be one of my all-time favorite shots of Cherry - in her little pink sundress, pink shoes and lugging a big rock to her dump truck! So cute!

(is it really camping when you bring a house? - lol)

Erin said...

Wow - a 10 man tent? Sounds almost extravagant. The trip looks like lots of fun. Great pictures!

Melora said...

What a great trip! That is the biggest tent I've ever seen -- was it hard to set up?
Those pictures of Cherry moving rocks are wonderful!