Thursday, December 21, 2006

Love Thursday

Never done a "Love Thursday" post before, but I thought it would be a good way to share this picture I took of Cherry and her Daddy colouring yesterday. The two of them sat there for about half an hour colouring an old colouring book from my childhood. (Mr. T. pitites the fool!)

I took the picture shortly after her rude awakening yesterday. She stopped being all sucky and grumpy when Daddy took some time to sit with her and colour. (She didn't care that *I* actually coloured with her first. She just wanted her daddy! And well, he colours nicer than I do, so maybe that has something to do with it!)


Tricia said...

cute! Does that mean that she doesn't just try to eat the crayons anymore?

I love old colouring books. Especially ones with a story - maybe I'll have to come over to colour sometime.

Sarah said...

Well, I just like your repeated use of "COLOUR" (and variations thereof) spelled the Canadian way.

Kim said...

I love coloring with my nieces and in general:o) She is cute and Mr T was fun.

CeCe said...

Tricia~Well, she still sort of chews on them, but that's not just her main goal with them anymore! And yes, you should come over SOON!

Sarah~That's the ONLY way to spell it!

Kim~Yeah, I think Cherry is better at it than I am already!

Ryann said...

gotta say it looks a lot like my daddy and me circa 1982. the colours are better than the early 80's. the pj's are timeless.