Monday, December 04, 2006

Photos With Santa

On Friday evening, we took the little one to get photos done with Santa. At first, we did a family shot, to try to get her used to the Big Guy (and that picture turned out crappy, luckily it was all done digitally, so we were able to scrap it and demand another one!)

Then, we left the kid to take a picture with Santa by herself, but she would have none of it! She cried as I set her on his lap, and was much to squirmy to even get a crying Santa shot, so, Santa just knelt on the floor, and the camera guy got a pic as Cherry was running towards her daddy who was standing by the camera guy.

You can't really tell here, but she's a good two feet ahead of him running away as the photo was shot! At least she's smiling!

Then we demanded another family shot, and here it is. Do I look eight and a half months pregnant to you? Naw, didn't think so! Black is a magical shade to wear!

(much better than the white outfit from the last holiday!)


Anonymous said...

That's a GREAT picture of Cherry!! You would never know she was trying to make the great escape. Beautiful! Imagine, next Christmas you will be trying to hang onto a running toddler while Santa holds the 11 month old!

Anonymous said...

You so don't even look pregnant in that picture! But I know you are cuz I saw it for myself! :) The pic with Cherry and Santa is so cute. Never would have guessed that she is running away from him though.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You're right, you certainly don't look pregnant!

Fidget said...

ok , I'm going to cry. I'm 26 weeks and look bigger than you. No wonder people have been telling me how freakin huge i am! Cherry looks darling!!

Erin said...

Baby's first Christmas - what a great picture she'll have to remember it by.

And you? You're TINY for 8 months pregnant. And gorgeous!

debambam said...

Fantastic photos, both of them! I'll be sharing ours once we have them done :)
And you most certainly don't look 8 months is fantastic aint it?!

Evan said...

I have a friend who even now in his 20s has to have a picture with santa or his mum does not buy him any presents!!

What a great tradition to pay cherry back for crying!!!!

Kim said...

You can't even tell that Cherry is running away:o)

Great picture of the family and you look great and not pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Ya you could never tell she was running away from the big hairy man!

Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great picture! If you hadn't told, no one would know that she is smiling because she is escaping from scary Santa (who really looks perfectly pleasant). The family picture is wonderful too. You look so pretty, and not at all as if you could be eight months along. (Black never worked that well for me -- you must be tiny.)

CeCe said...

Avalon~Well, if baby#2 is anything like Cherry, (s)he'll be running at 11 months! Cherry was walking at 10 1/2 months.

Alisha~I think I've stopped gaining so quickly!

Mr.Fab~I guess that's good.

Fidget~I WAS huge, but I've sort of evened out or something.

Erin~Baby's SECOND Christmas! And thank you for saying I'm gorgeous! *blush*

Debambam~Ooh, can't wait to see your Santa pics!

Evan~hee hee, your friend's mom is awesome!


Candice~Thanks to you too!

Melora~He WAS a very pleasant Santa. Not scary at all!

Anonymous said...

You look GREAT, and I think it's more than just the black.