Saturday, December 02, 2006

Guess What We Did Last Night?

It's the most beautiful tree I've ever decorated! We bought a fake tree *gasp* and put some LED lights on it. I bought a bunch of blue and silver balls, as our base colours, then put all of our silly plastic ornaments on afterwards. I even bought too many ornaments and have to return some! I love it. Cherry loves it too. "OOOHHHH" she says. And she's listening well so far and not touching!


Belinda said...

I opened this page and GASPED. I LOVE THE BLUE TREE!!! If you had asked me if I thought that sounded like a good idea, I'd have been skeptical...but oh, I LOVE it! Especially if there's snow around. When you think about it, it's really the perfect winter color, isn't it? Oh, blue and silver.

Now I want another tree.

Anonymous said...

You are so organised. I'm lucky if I get mine up before Christmas Eve and it never looks as pretty as that.

Sarah said...

I remember when we decorated the tree at the hardware store and it had to be done all symetrically. :) Excellent job, guys. It's going to be sad taking that beauty down after Christmas.

andrea said...

That is just too beautifully tasteful for words. I'm now ashamed by what ours looks like each year.

(And I'm like Cherrypie -- last minute but it always gets done!)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Very pretty!

I am sure Cherry will get into it eventually!

debambam said...

You know I had something else completely in mind and was almost scared to click when I saw this title in my rss reader :) I mean, hubby only recently came home after all!!
That tree looks awesome. Last year we all picked a color and we only bought decorations in those colors and it looked amazing, I'm a huge fan of color themes. Make sure you get a pic of Cherry admiring that very purdy tree!

CeCe said...

Belinda~Well, thank you! I appreciate the compliment considering how BEAUTIFUL YOUR tree is!

Cherrypie~Oh, I would have put it up weeks ago if Armondo had been home to help me! (but yes, I've been accused of being organised before!)

Sarah~I have like this memory block from when I worked at the hardware store that second time, it seems! You remember so much more than me! And yes, it's going to suck taking it down! I might be able to push it late if the baby comes a little early! (Oh, honey, I'm too tired to take it down, let's do it TOMORROW!)

Andrea~There's no way that your tree is something to be "ashamed" of! I bet it has years of child made decorations and bits of history all over it!

Mr.Fab~She tries to touch every once in awhile, but is quick to withdraw her hand when we catch her!

Debambam~Hee hee.. We, we MAY have done that too, but I'm not telling ;) But yes, I will get a pic of Cherry admiring it. We had a tiny little tree last year and I took some pictures of her looking at it, and I love them!

Kim said...

I love your blue tree, especially as blue is my favorite color. It looks really nice, you did a great job.

Anonymous said...

My tree is plastic and 8 inches high!! its my one concession (along with cards) to Christmas

it'll go up Christmas eve