Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Freaking out Dreams-and an invitation to go camping.

~I love my little girl, and I'm glad she's a girl, and little boys are great too, but I'm scared of them. I am so incredibly scared of them... peeing.

I had a bit of a nightmare the other night where my second baby (yet to be born in real life) was potty training. It was a boy, looked JUST LIKE Cherry, but he had a penis. I was trying to get him to pee in his little potty, but he got this little pee-boner and was pissing ALL OVER THE PLACE. While I tried carefully to point his little penis down and into the potty, he was pissing on the walls, pissing towards the ceiling, and pissing in my mouth and eyes. And the little potty wasn't in the bathroom. It was in Cherry's big girl room. The room with the fresh paint and new carpet. I was totally freaking out!

I'm so not looking forward to the boy pee. And I know it doesn't end after they are babies. They piss on the toilet seat, they piss on the floor by the toilet, and apparently, they see shiny things and piss in their underwear.

~I had a dream the other night where a VERY enthusiastic shoe shiner ran up to me and started to polish my shoes. The only problem was that my shoes were suede (and not cute suede, they were probably the ugliest shoes I've ever had the non-pleasure to dream about), and as I tried to tell him they didn't need to be polished, he agreed, and started to massage my feet through the shoes instead. It felt REALLY good! And I tried to hide my hand with my wedding ring on it. He smiled and told me it was ok, he had already seen it, but that he had noticed that I was pregnant and that I looked very lovely and that I deserved to have my feet massaged. Then he tried to take my shoes off. I freaked out and ran to the bus stop and hopped on the bus that had just pulled up.

~I dreamed that a bunch of bloggers on my blogroll decided to get together to go camping. Laurie showed up on her motorcycle, and there were some other bloggers there as well. Most of us had our kids and I was freaking out because somehow I had forgotten to bring milk or formula for Cherry, and this is the only thing she's been eating lately.

And on that note, I was wondering if maybe you local bloggers might want to get together sometime late Aug or early Sept and go camping at Rathtrevor? It's a really nice park with picnic shelters and a beautiful beach. There is also a large playground and Fields to kick a ball around in. There is plenty of wildlife, and neat trails to wander. It's close to Parksville, which is such a cute little town. I specifically invite Andrea, Anna, and Brian, but if there are other "local"-ish bloggers who would like to come out, then they are invited too. Oh, and Erin, you live further away, but you said you had airmiles, so do you want to come too?!? Let me know!


andrea said...

My husband used to camp with his family at Rathtrevor a lot! If you make it before school starts (we have big kids but one of them loves and is awesome with little kids) there's a chance we could make it, though we'll be up in the Cariboo from the 20th to the 27th.

Take heart: little boys learn to pee sitting down first until they're competent. That said, I have been peed in the face at least twice! The fact that your dream had them standing up and it never occurred to you that they can sit down tells me that Armondo is a Real Man. I have heard of situations where boys were forced to pee sitting down by clean freak mothers, and still do it as adults! (Freud would be all over that one!)

More info than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure.

Laurie said...

That looks like a beautiful place to camp, but alas.. too far for me to travel. I'll be there in spirit, though!

Little boys aren't that bad with the peeing thing - I've only been nailed once while raising two boys, and it's not like an out of control firehose or anything.. LOL

Melora said...

So you've definitely found out the sex of the new little one? I missed that post! Any ideas yet for names?
My experience has been that peeing issues are pretty similar when it comes to girls and boys. Both my babies tended to "let fly" early on as soon as the diaper was removed, and with a boy it is easy to keep a washcloth on the changing table to put over the penis while changing. The "aiming" issue while toilet training wasn't that big a deal for us, and we kept a step stool by the toilet for T. to stand on while peeing, rather than have him sit. I've heard of people floating Cheerios in the toilet for their little boys to aim at, although we didn't do this.

Ryann said...

I'm inviting myself to rathtrevor if I'm in town ok. :) pleeeeeeeeeeeze!!

(I'm home aug 27- sept 3)

as for your dreams... hahahahahahahahahaha

CeCe said...

Andrea~Actually, I WAS trying to get the kid to sit down in the dream. I guess I didn't mention that. And um.. hee hee.. Armondo sits to pee sometimes esp in the morning, when he's too tired to aim. I bug him about it all the time! But I don't mind. It means less pee for me to clean up! And, um... my little brother (from a different mother) NEVER stood up to pee, except for in urinals, for as long as I knew him (haven't seen him in several years). But his mother wasn't a clean freak, just a freak.

And yeah, how's THAT for overshare?!? And how does the 31st to the 2nd sound? (Thurs-sat)

Laurie~Hee hee.. well, it certainly was a fire hose in my dream! Glad to hear that that's not reality! And, are you SURE you can't come out!??! Hee hee, I'm sure you'd be fun!

Melora~Nope, haven't found out yet, that was just my sub-consious (sp?) I have my ultrasound on the 23rd, I think (I need to check!) and thanks for the info! I'm sure if it IS a boy, I'll be asking for advice again in two years!

Ryann~You are totally welcome to come, of course! How does the 31st-2nd sound to YOU? (Thurs-Sat)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I bet I wasn't in the camping dream. I hate camping.

I like to pee freely, though, so maybe I will be in a future one!

Kim said...

I have no suggestions for the little boy problem:o)

The camping sounds wonderful and I hope you have a relaxing and fun time.

Erin said...

The first thing that Ian did when he was born was pee all over his mom. Boys will be boys, I guess. It is sort of a funny thing to dream about, though!

That sounds really fun, but I think we might use the miles to visit the relatives sometime soon. Thanks for the invite, though!

Anonymous said...

Oh CeCe thank you so much for the invitation. I would love to go but I am going to be in Fredericton from Aug 25 to Sept 2.
I really hope to meet you and the girls someday.


CeCe said...

Mr Fab~I SO hope I don't dream about you "peeing freely"!!

Kim~Thanks! Want to fly out here for the weekend?! No? Oh well, you'll be at BlogHer next year in Chicago, right?

Erin~Aww.. FINE, use your airmiles to visit FAMILY then! Maybe another time! Don't worry, if it DOES happen, I'll blog about it. It'll be like you were really there anyway.

Brian~Oooh, I SO want to check out the Eastern provinces! Have a good time!

K. said...

"Boy pee".
Too funny.