Friday, December 15, 2006

Slight update.

Thought I'd give you an update from the land o' storms.

First of all, sorry for being lazy and not really answering comments the past day or so. I'm reading them all, I swear, but I've sort of been busy.

Busy doing what?

Well, I've been baking.

And sleeping.

And braving blackouts almost every day.

And that's pretty much it. I'm in so much pain these days. I'm running out of breath just reading stories to Cherry. I'm big, and heavy and ready to get this little munchkin outta me! I spend more time laying down than anything else these days. Armondo's been an awesome help. Actually, he's pretty much taken over all of the responsibilities around the house and has been taking care of Cherry.

But! I have all of my Christmas shopping done (which was pretty easy, 'cause I only bought for Cherry and Armondo), and I only have two presents left to put into gift bags. (We don't use wrapping paper here. Bags are much easier, and re-usable, which is how we roll.)

And besides all the Christmas presents and empty decoration bins littering the nursery, we're ready for the baby to come!

And, umm.. that's it for now. I *might* have something good to write some day soon. Don't hold your breath ;)


Anonymous said...

Don't bake too hard!
I'm glad Armondo is being so great. It won't be long 'til you are able to breathe again, and then it will just be sleep deprivation that you'll have to deal with (so stock up on that sleep!).
Have a nice weekend!

Kim said...

Take it easy and rest while you can:o) I have been baking also, but not for the same reason, too many Christmas parties.

CeCe said...

Melora~Yeah, I'm glad Armondo is home to let me sleep!

Kim~I've been baking for Christmas at home, as well as for a cookie exchange, which JUST GOT CANCELLED! ack!