Thursday, August 03, 2006

Baby Names

Armondo hasn't been around to approve or disaprove these names, but I thought I'd ask all of you your opinions. I want to know which ones you like, but more importantly, which ones you DON'T like and why. I'm going to throw one boy name and one girl name in there that I absolutely don't like, just to see if I get a reaction out of ya'll.

I also need a fake name for the future baby. If you have any ideas for a fake name for either gender, throw that in there too!

Here goes: (favourite nick names in brackets)

Theodore (Tad)
Jo(h)nathan (Nathan)
Alexander (Xander)

Abigail (Abby)
Gwendolyn (Gwennie)
Kaleigh (Kay)
Isabell *e*a (Bella, Belle)
Kyleigh (Kye)
Mateja-the "j" has a "y" sound. This is the original spelling-no funny stuff!
Natalya Na-tay-lya

So? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

i like Isaiah cause one of my best friends had this name so i just have a positive connection with it. its also not crazy but not super common so it works. for girls...none i'm SUPER crazy about. there are pretty names and none that i really hate (except maybe millicent).


debambam said...

Boys - Owen or Caleb (I have a nephew called Caleb)
Girls - Natalya or Charlotte or Kaleigh.

JMHO!! What about middle names???!!

Sarah said...

I think Eugene sucks anus. Was it a fake name or a real one?

Kristina said...

Boy name
From names you listed:
Dominick Alexander (First and middle)

Andrew Christopher
Nicholas Alexander

Girl name:
From nams you listed:
Abigail Kay (first and middle)

Samantha Renee
Jessica Abigail

Laura said...


I really liked the Xander, it looks and sounds cool. For girls I really like pretty.

Now for fake names, my husband and I came up with these when we were pregnant with our son (we didn't know it was a boy so we had fake girl names too)
Boys: Jorge, Lemmington or Antwerp
Girls: Henritta, Rockwella or Awesomelope

andrea said...

I vote for Alexander but then I'm biased as that's my older son's middle name, so I also say James. Nix Eugene.

I also vote for Charlotte and nix Marliss. Marliss reminds me of a character in Ernie Pook's Comeek. Re. Kaleigh -- my friend has a daughter with that name but spells it the original (Celtic) way: Ceilidh.

Cherrypie said...

Isaiah or Caleb. Definitely NOT Eugene. that has to be the fake one.

And Marliss has to be the fake girl's name, or it could be Kayleigh. Mateja is pretty.

how about Berry for a nickname? Cherry and Berry. See x

Mr. Fabulous said...

I vote for Owen.

And I vote for Isabelle.

I think the fake ones were Gilbert and Abigail :)

Kim said...

From your names I like:
The rest are not bad, but nothing jumps out at me.
Would never use Eugene:o)

Girls I like all of them, Millicent may be a little too dated and everyone seems to have an Isabella

For my own girl I like Belle Katherine (Kat), after an aunt I never knew.

Evan said...

Some cool names there CeCe. Another one I thought of is Atticus- different but not to 'out there' what do you think?
I'd go with Abigale and Caleb I too have a nephew named Caleb, must be in the water down here(or theo)

Hows that.

maidink said...

I went for the cool monogram thing with Dinks. Her first name was predestined (my great grandmother's name). I chose her middle name without realizing it was MY original middle name at the orphanage. Hence, her initials spell GEM.

That rambling out of the way, I love Dominick, Alexander, and Isaiah for a boy (especially with a two syllable middle name).

For a girl, I love Isabella and Mateja (they flow nicely with Joann).

maidink said...

Oh crap, the fake names.

*thinking really hard*

*hears crickets chirp*

I don't know ... Simon for a boy and Chloe for a girl.

First names I thought of.

Chase said...

Hmmmm. For the girls :

I like - Kyleigh (though not Kye), Vivienne, Ceyla, and Mateja.

I dislike - Kaleigh (pretty, but too many named that now), Millicent (though I don't mind Millie for some reason), Natalya (no one will EVER pronounce that right and she'll hate it), Gwennie (Gwendolyn has no effect on me either way).

The boys:

I like - Isaiah, Nathan, Owen and Xander.

I dislike - Eugene (makes me think of dorky Eugene Levy), Tad (though I like Theodore), and Gilbert (Gilbert Grape? Gilbert Godfreid? Too many bad associations.)

My favorites : Vivienne & Isaiah :)

K. said...

I love Ceyla for a girl.

Melora said...

I'll play!
I like James and Jonathan best. Caleb, Isiah, Gilbert,Theodore (Theo), and Owen are second tier. I'm not crazy about Dominick, Eugene, or Alexander.
For girls, I like Abby, Charlotte, Gwendolyn, and Isabelle. Natalya and Millie (but couldn't it come from something other than Milicent?) aren't bad.
I kind of liked Cherrypie's idea about Berry. If not, how about some other edible delicacy, like cupcake, sweet potato, or dumpling? (or just take one of the names from your list that you Don't use for real?)

CeCe said...

Thank you all for your input! It really does mean something. I'm just going to specifically address some of the comments though.

Sarah~I think that's the least most intelligent thing I've ever heard/seen from you!

Laura~"Awesomelope"?!? That's pretty cool!

Andrea and Cherrypie~You got the joke names right!

Cherrypie~Berry would work if it was a boy, I think.

Evan~Umm.. Yeah, Atticus sounds cool, but I would probably put it in the "Out There" category though. Not as "out there" as "Paris" of course.

Maidink~With our last name starting with an "O", I can't think of any good monograms.

Chase~GILBERT BLYTHE!!! Silly! From Anne of Green Gables!

Melora~I like Sweet Potato, even though I HATE sweet potatoes!