Friday, December 08, 2006

It's a girl! (Or at least the tech hinted that way!)


I got my second and final ultrasound today. The baby had been breach for awhile, and I needed the ultrasound so we could check the position. Well, yesterday, I felt the baby move back the right way, and today the ultrasound confirmed the baby is head down. (This is a VERY good thing!)

So, I told the tech that I wanted to know the sex, and she told me that she wasn't allowed to tell me (which I already knew) and that she'd take pictures of the area and the radiologist would decide whether to include it in the report or not.

But I asked her to pass the wand over the genital area so we could try to see for ourselves, to which she replied "that won't help you much." Then she said.. "think about what I just said!"

To which I said "well, that could mean two things: One, that the umbilical cord is there, so it wouldn't help us much, or Two, there's nothing there to see."

To which she replied "the second option is a little more likely."

So, apparently it's a girl. A girl with Angelina Jolie lips.

And the baby kept on blinking the whole time we were watching it, which the tech said was really amazing and that she'd never seen that before. So, we've got an amazing, big lipped girl on the way. How exciting!


Julie said...

Congrats!! Does that mean you have a real name picked out now? And does that solidify the little one's blog codename?

lb said...

Wowsa! That is one clear and up-close ultra sound image! My kids' ultrasounds never looked that amazing!!But I don't think the tech "hinted".That was pretty specific. How many does that knock off the "Guess when, what , how much etc. baby game"?

Erin said...

Congratulations! (Her lips ARE huge)

islander82 said...

COOL. Your kid is hot.

andrea said...

Excellent -- now if you just hold off 'til Jan. 12th I'll have a shot at the prize! (I have afriend who's an ultrasound tech so I knew my second was a boy at about 20 weeks.)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! K. was in breach til close to the deadline, and I was So relieved when she moved. I couldn't make anything of the picture til you mentioned the lips, and then all those lines made sense -- what a beautiful baby! Not only a precious mouth, but a sweet little nose and darling little fingers! Cherry must be tickled pink at the idea of a baby sister (and now you will get another use of all your favorites of her outfits). What fun!

Anonymous said...

I love those lips! That's crazy...they are amazing! I'm excited for you....another little girl. I so want a girl. I'm not sure that I will want to see you once she arrives....might get the baby bug going in me again! Really though, I can't wait to meet that little bundle in person! :)
*sigh*....a girl would be so nice....

CeCe said...

Julie~See new post!

LB~About half! Hee hee


Sarah~you're a weirdo!

Andrea~you're way too mean to want the pregnancy to last that long!

Melora~Cherry is JUST starting to figure out the whole "baby in the tummy" thing. Though she calls it a "Dee Dee"

Alisha~You can borrow my girls whenever you want!

shandelle said...

here in Newf they will let you know what they see but won't say it is 100%, so I knew with Zach. Oh well, one question right so far!