Thursday, December 21, 2006

Totally Her Father's Daughter!

Me, walking into Cherry's room: "HEEEYYYYY, Who. Made. This. Big. Mess?"

Cherry: "DADDY!"


Anonymous said...

LOL that is ADORABLE!!!

what a character ;)


Hillary said...

Very cute! (are you sure she's not learning from you? ;) )

Oh, and by the way? You SOOOO saved my but with your gift suggestion for my brother. I had NO. IDEA. what to get him. That? That's PERFECT! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Good girl!! Always blame the boys!!

debambam said...

LMAO!!! Not letting Zoe read this, she'll use it herself...hehehehehe

Mr. Fabulous said...


Caroline said...

She's a clever girl.
Just found your blog - it's so lovely.
Merry Christmas.

CeCe said...

She IS quite the character, isn't she? She loves to make us laugh!

Welcome to Caroline!