Monday, November 27, 2006

WTF?!?! When did I move to Alaska?


maidink said...

You mean you didn't notice that moving van?

You must really be a heavy sleeper!


Check with Cherry, I think she foot the bill.

*hands CeCe a snow shovel*

Pink Deysi said...

WOW. That is some snow. We haven't had any...yet. Supposed to by Thursday though. But its been in the 70's down here. Pretty nice!

Sarah said...

SO WEIRD. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

ok, im a bit laughing over here. First because, i dont have the snow yet. Second, its not that much ( yes I know on that island, its the most ever, and the schools are shut down and the power went out)(i miss the power being out, it hasn't happened yet).

Don't worry it will rain soon. (lol)
On wednesday it's supposed to be 14 with sun and cloud.

I just feel very sorry for my 70 yr old oma who has to shovel this by herself.

Mr. Fabulous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Now That is Snow!
I loved the pics of Cherry in the snow -- is she still loving it?

Anna said...

We are in the same boat too...the boys loved it! Funny how all the people in BC (especially the southern parts) are blogging about snow!

Erin said...

Wow. We don't have anywhere NEAR that much snow, up here in Alaska. Lucky girl!

CeCe said...

Maidink~Wow, I really MUST be a heavy sleeper if that's the case!

Pink~it's still coming down!


Candice~Your 70 yrold Oma and this 8 month preggo should have a "Shovel off"!

Fab~Right! Must have blacked out or something.

Melora~Well, I took her out in it again yesterday and she loved it, but I was too lazy today! She loves looking out the window at it though!

Anna~It's all we talk about in this area-the weather!

Erin~You're Joking? Right? I seriously have more snow than you? That's nuts!

Evan said...

We have bush fires and 40 degree heat (over 100 F i suspect)
That looks soooooo inviting, ...real snow

Anonymous said...


If you take Cherry out in that snow, you may not find her till spring!

CeCe said...

Evan~Bush fires are scary!

Avalon~It's even deeper now! Might take even longer to find her!

Kim said...

Sorry, I always thought that anything above North America, always got snow like that:o) Perhaps that is a misconception of this girl who has never seen snow.