Saturday, December 16, 2006

Of blood, sweat, and tears.

~Armondo cut the quick on one of Annie's toes last night. There's blood all over the house. She bled slowly almost all night. She's fine. Armondo stopped the bleeding this morning with superglue that he ran out of the house at quarter to eight to go buy. I repeat: Annie's fine. But we were pretty freaked out. Now, Armondo gets to take out the carpet cleaner and shampoo the carpets. And I get to bleach the blood spotted white bed sheets that Annie just had to jump onto. (We made sure that Annie would be ok, by double checking on the phone with the vet.)

~Armondo and I have no clue about cars. So, when our car started sputtering and stalling the other day, we were both a little freaked out about it, but ignored it. Last night it started again, but it got to the point that we almost stalled in the middle of the highway. Time to deal with it! But it was too late to get it into a shop. So, after we (luckily) made it home, I got on the 'net and figured out that we probably need to replace the fuel filter. So, after stopping Annie's bleeding toe, Armondo went off to get the car fixed up.

~We might be trading in our car and buying a mini van soon. We SO cannot afford to do this right now, but Armondo is right when he says that this is the best time of year to do such a deal, and we need it before summer in order to go camping again. There is NO way we'd be able to fit TWO kids, two dogs and all of our gear in the car this time. We barely fit it all last time! So, after Armondo is done fixing our car, he's off to a dealership to look at mini vans and to see how much our car would be worth as a trade in.

Wow, What an exciting life we lead!


shandelle said...

yeah we became a mini van family shortlyafter we kenw #2 was on the way. it goes through a bit more gas, but has so much more room, plus it can fit more than just the four of us!

Sarah said...

Well... welcome to the stereotype of the young family. Just don't get a panel van, ok?

CeCe said...

Shandelle~Once you have two kids, a stroller or two (or a tandem), a huge diaper bag, and two dogs, it's time for a bigger vehicle!

Sarah~What's wrong with panel vans?

Anonymous said...

hehehehe, the joys of becoming a bigger family hey? You know your grownup when your cars are practical rather than fun!

Kim said...

We have never had a dog bleed to death from quicking their toenails (just for future reference). Usually just putting the dog in a confined area and letting them settle down it will quit. Of course if they then go run in the grass, it might start again:o)

Hope things work out with your car. We never were a minivan family. With 4 kids and all our friends, my mom liked the big 15 passenger vans.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Yep, a minivan is inevitable!

Anonymous said...

lA minivan is just so practical with little kids & dogs. We had a Jeep Grand Cherokee but traded it in on a Windstar. It is much easier for kids to climb into the mini van than into the SUV type thing. Good luck finding a great deal!

CeCe said...

Debambam~We've never really had "fun" cars. Fun scooters and mopeds though!

Kim~We made her lay on her bed, but she licked the bandage off overnight and the blood started flowing everywhere. She's all good now. And yeah, the bigger van could be fun, but I don't think we'd be able to afford driving out of our driveway with gas prices these days ;)


Melora~We're looking at a Windstar. Haven't made up our minds though yet. But yes, Minivans are much easier to manouver in!