Friday, September 29, 2006

Still leading up to a love story, aka CeCe's slut story, aka, how CeCe met Armondo, (Series Part II)

You can find the Series Part One here.

Before I continue on, I figured it might be a good idea to clarify something. The first post, and part of this post explain what had happened during the course of a summer. I am, however, counting all the months off from school as "summer" which means, I'm counting May through Sept as "summer", so if it seems like my timing is off as you're reading, then that's why. Also, in the upcoming post, I know I'll have some of the timing of details off a bit, but I'm fine with that! Everything all basically happened that summer and the following Autumn!

So, after I gave my notice a the pharmacy, I started right away looking for another job. I wanted to find a restaurant job this time, in hopes to make a bit more money. I didn't have any serving experience at this point, but I had bussed at a pretty fancy restaurant in my previous town, and that particular job gave quite the ass busting! (And, a good reference.)

My on and off boyfriend at the time really didn't want me to get a job at a restaurant, saying "If you get a job at a restaurant, you'll find some cook to fall for!" I didn't quite get it, and he responded saying "Well, it happened last time!"

When I was working at the fancy restaurant bussing, I had met this cook there. His real name is actually the same as Armondo's real name, but we'll just call him "Jimbo" (just like "Armondo" is a play on my husband's middle name, "Jimbo" is a play on this guy's middle name too.) When Jimbo and I first started to get together, we kept it a secret so that our bosses wouldn't get upset. We were basically just "friends with benefits" at first, but it wasn't long before I fell for him. We had started off so casual though, that it was hard to figure out exactly how to define our relationship during the two years we were together. Part of the problem was also that he's the lead singer in a band, and during our time together, he was having a lot of fun playing the "rock star". We were not a good match for each other, and often brought out the worst in each other, but for some reason, we couldn't stay apart for long periods of time.

Being that I was vehicle-less, Jimbo actually had to help me out by driving me around town to drop resumes off at the different restaurants. I got hired at an Western/Asian fusion restaurant. For the first couple of weeks, on nights when I got off too late to take the bus home, I would go to Jimbo's house which was nearby, and I would hang out with him and his room mate. In the meantime, I was looking to buy a scooter, and found one a few weeks into the job.

During these first few weeks of the job, Jimbo and I were mostly "off", but we were still pretty good friends. But because we were "off", his room mate started to move in on me. He had sat back and watched all the nasty things Jimbo was doing behind my back for the past two years (like having girls come over and sleep in his bed with him overnight, lying to me about where he was some nights, etc.) and had started to feel sorry for me, and in my estimation had somehow fallen in love with me as well. We'll just call this guy "room mate" or RM for short, 'cause I just can't come up with a clever name for him. RM and I started to watch series of horror films together. It has started at Jimbo and RM's place, but because Jimbo hated horror movies, we started to take the movies to my place instead. We watched all the "Friday the 13th" series and the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies and were starting to go through most of Stephen King's movies. We had spent several evenings alone together by this time, and he and I were vverrrry slowly starting to sit closer to each other, then cuddle, and eventually, by the time we got to the Stephen King series, we had s3x on my couch. It was hard to refuse this guy, because he had listened to every complaint I had about Jimbo, and knew just how to press the right buttons with me. Jimbo didn't ever touch my hair, so RM would touch my hair. Jimbo never told me I was beautiful (though he DID tell me I was hot, but it's not the same), so RM told me I was beautiful. Jimbo hated holding hands, never cuddled, and couldn't stand horror movies, so RM filled all these voids for me. Jimbo was pretty good in bed, but there wasn't a lot of passion, RM, however, was quite passionate.

Like I said, Jimbo and I were "off" at this time, but both RM and I felt pretty bad about sleeping together. And really, I hadn't completely gotten over Jimbo, and figured that someday, he and I would get back together and actually be able to have a real relationship. (I wasn't totally aware at this point what he had been doing behind my back.) Anyway, I had basically just started working at this restaurant, and I hadn't been there long enough to actually start asking for weekends off, so when one of our friends was having his 30th birthday party bash at a cabin on a nearby island, I couldn't get the time off to go. RM didn't take the time off work either. So, out of ALL of our friends, the two of us were the only ones who stayed home that weekend. So I spent the night at his house (which, in case you're not following along, was also Jimbo's place.) I wore some nice lingerie for him (which he really appreciated, but Jimbo NEVER did) and we had a nice night together. Somewhat early in the morning, I packed up my stuff to leave and as I was headed out the door, Jimbo came home. We made small talk before I left, but I could see the hurt in his eyes when he saw me leaving after obviously sleeping with his room mate.

During the following days, some details and photos from the party started making their rounds. It turns out that Jimbo had spent the night with another girl. The two of us had already discussed RM's and my rendevous, but he hadn't mentioned anything about this girl. When I confronted him with it, he swore up and down that he hadn't had sex with her, but that they had just cuddled a bit and he had played with her hair! *insert record scratching sound here* WHAT?!? Sex wasn't really an issue with the two of us. There was plenty of sex to go around, it was just that he was never affectionate, never cuddly, and it was for these specific reasons that we had broken up so many times before. That past weekend, he had given this other girl what I had been longing for for years from him!

And then, for some reason, we got back together. It was mid August by this time.

Meanwhile, I had got my scooter and was able to get around town and get myself to work. But not before I had to bum a ride off of one of the Sushi Chefs there a couple of times. He lived in my neighbourhood basically (though he was in the middle of moving), and although he didn't really seem to like giving one of the other cooks rides home, he didn't have much problem driving me home those couple of times. In walks Armondo into my life.

At first, there was not much of an attraction on my part. He had this nasty old beater of a car, and he smoked. The car stunk, and really, so did he. If he didn't smell like fish in his sushi jacket, then he smelled like an ashtray in his casual jacket. But he was a nice enough guy, and we got along alright.

Shortly after Jimbo and I got back together, my uncle came to my area to go to a biker rally, and he invited and paid for me to go. Jimbo was welcome to come with, but didn't want to take the weekend off work. Most of my uncle's friends who were there were paired off and everyone was having s3x in the tents around me, so on the second night, my uncle's one single friend and I hooked up. It was sort of fun. I felt young and sexy and alive, and I felt like I had basically seduced this older, shy man. I've never seen this guy since, which is probably best, though I do get the odd update from my uncle here and there.

When I got home, I admitted to Jimbo what I had done, and although he was crying and hurt, he didn't want us to break up again. That was very confusing to me, but somehow, after hurting him and doing to him what I sort of knew he had done to me, and after knowing that I didn't NEED him, that I was perfectly sexy and capable without him, I decided that we really did need to break up. We were in a class together at school, and we still had sex a couple of times after that, so we didn't totally break it off right away. Old habits die hard.

Then, there was the birthday boy. A few days after ending things with Jimbo, a younger, male friend of mine and I were chatting online. Somehow, we sort of started to flirt, and he admitted to me that he hadn't had sex since he was 15, and that the girl he had just broken up with had not slept with him nor given him so much as a blow job in THREE YEARS.

And then he told me that "Every year, I say to myself that I WILL get laid before my next birthday, and here we are, tomorrow's my birthday, and again, I haven't got laid!"

So, without much more discussion, he came over to my place at 3 in the morning, picked me up, took me back to his place and we had s3x. Happy Birthday, kiddo! Then, before 6 am, I was back at my house and going to sleep.

This is where my timing gets a little messed, but I'll just make it up as I go...

By this time, we're getting into mid October, I think? Armondo and I were getting along a bit better at work, and one night I tried to get a bunch of co-workers to go out with my friend "Patty" and I. Armondo was the only one who agreed, and he met us downtown. It was just a few days after the incident with "Birthday Boy". I was on my scooter, and for some reason, I agreed to letting Armondo drive it for a bit with Patty on the back. I think he almost got them hit by a car! Anyway, after hanging out that night, it was still sort of early (early for us folks who worked at a restaurant, but VERY late by my standards these days!) and I asked Armondo if he still wanted to hang out. He did, and we rented a movie and went to go watch it at his house. It was my first time at his place, and although his female room mate wasn't home, I got to see much more of her than I wanted to! She was an art student at the time, and in their dining room was several 3x4 foot nude self portraits. And the photos she was painting from.

Armondo and I had a nice evening together, and after the movie, I went home. I was still sleeping with Jimbo here and there, and actually slept with him again before the next time Armondo and I hung out. The second time Armondo and I spent some time at his house, we ended up getting a little bit of cuddling in, but nothing more. At the end of the evening, I had decided that I did, indeed like him, smoking and all, and when he told me that he had enjoyed hanging out with me and "would like to hang out with (me) again, like a lot, exclusively" or something like that, I responded with "Ok, give me a few days, I need to sort a few things out."

That's when I completely ended things with Jimbo, told RM that things weren't ever going to go any further with us, (it helped that he had moved away during this time) and I decided to focus on Armondo.

Jimbo was right. I had got a job in a restaurant, met a cook and fell for him. Funny too, that this cook also had the same first name, and was also the lead singer in a band too. But Armondo was nothing like Jimbo in most other ways. Although it took me longer than Armondo's room mate to figure it out, it wasn't too long before I knew that Armondo was actually quite the guy and that he and I had something special.

(And in case you care, Jimbo ended up dating the girl from that party for awhile before moving on and finding a totally awesome chick who totally compliments him and really brings out the best in him. And, last I heard, RM was engaged to one of Jimbo's old exes, and the two of them are totally in love, and apparently perfect for each other.)


Erin said...

Can't get over the scooter. Tell me it was a Vespa. Please! So. Jealous! (I've always wanted a scooter. Not a motorcycle, a scooter.)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Very cool story, I really liked it. And I don't think you were slutty. Just...popular.

I am kinda girly in that I love to hear stories about how couples meet.

Don't tell anyone.

Pink Deysi said...

I love hearing stories. And they are just that much better when they're true! Keep 'em coming!

Kim said...

Isn't it weird sometimes the way people end up together. I'm enjoying your stories.

CeCe said...

Erin~Sorry to disapoint you. It was just a crappy, plastic Honda. It was very fun though, and I made a profit when I sold it!

Mr.Fab~Never thought of myself as "popular". I won't tell anyone that you're a girly man. IT'll be our secret!

Pink Deysi~There's at least two more to come!

Kim~Yeah, it is weird.

Tricia said...

The scooter was tons of fun!
Cruisin' the beach...good times!

I like that you remember so much detail. I can't remember half of those boozy hazy days! It all comes back when I read about it though.

CeCe said...

Tricia~Really? I thought I had all the details messed up and that someone might correct me. I guess there's still time for that!

Ryann said...

hahahahahahaha ahh the memories!!!

well naked pictures aside... that was funny. hahaha I would like to mention the sore titties and boob pads that were all over my house.

so there!!

damn did he ever have a crush on the new chick with the scooter.

CeCe said...

Ryann~Well, I haven't got so far to talk about the sore titties yet! And now that you've outed yourself in the comments, you're fair game for the next post in the series!

Ryann said...

hahahaha I look forward to it :P

you have a great perspective on stories.