Friday, October 06, 2006

The Promise (Series part IV)

You can find series part one here, part two here, part three here.

I couldn't open the box at first. Several thoughts went through my head. The box he handed me had a fancy "B" written on the top, and I thought for a second that there was going to be some sort of expensive Belgian chocolate from Bernard Callebaut.

The second thought was that it was a joke. There'd be some sort of note inside telling me I was getting ice cream cake for dinner or something. (My favourite.)

I spent a few minutes sort of playing with the box with the tips of my fingers. He couldn't be PROPOSING, could he? I mean, we've only been together for four and a half months! I knew that I loved him, and I knew that he was the one, but I so knew I couldn't say yes so early! And besides that, we were in a greasy spoon diner, and he so wasn't on his knee!

I was scared to open it. I SOO hoped it would be a fancy chocolate.

But I opened it, and inside was this:
"Uhhhh" Damn! It was a ring! It was THE ring. It was exactly the sort of ring I wanted for an engagement ring. It had three, small diamonds, a white gold band, and was just so small and delicate, which was perfect for my little hand. Saying "no" would mean it wouldn't be my ring! But it HAD to be my ring!

"Do you know what it is?" He asked me.

"Um, not really!" I replied.

"It's a promise ring." He smiled.

WHEW! It was a PROMISE ring! That means I could keep it! I could totally accept that. I put my shiny new ring on and was very happy. Well, sort of. If THIS was the promise ring, would that mean that I'd have to get an engagement ring that WASN'T as perfect as this one?

(even if you know what a promise ring is, you should click on the links for "promise ring" both links are different.)


Kim said...

What a sweet gift. I knew what a promise ring stood for and that is a great gift in a beginning relationship.

Melora said...

Ahh, so that is what a promise ring is. Still sounds sort of vague to me (and does it get given back if the couple decides that things will not proceed to an engagement, so the guy can use it again, or does a girl have the chance to aquire a drawer full?) Does this mean you wear three rings, or is the promise ring put away when the engagement ring shows up?

Pink Deysi said...

Awww! So sweet. So now are you going to continue this story on until the real proposal?? I so hope so! Yea! Its a beautiful ring. But I'm also wondering, do you wear three rings now?

LB said...


I am enjoying your "story"! I don't remember all the details...but I gotta say...
You are EVIL! How could you just so casually link us to explecit images of decadent chocolate!!?

I just finished lunch and am drooling over the thought of chocolate truffles and hazlenut hedgehogs and white chocolate and...I gotta go!

Erin said...

What a pretty ring! I liked the various definitions of a promise ring, the urban dictionary ones made me laugh!

How sweet. Oh, and also, I WANT THOSE CHOCOLATES!

CeCe said...

Kim~It was sweet. And a relief!

Melora~I think a girl can have a drawer full. It depends on who breaks up with whom! And, as far as the three or two rings thing, I guess it's up to the individual person.

Pink~I can't answer your question here ;)

LB~Hee heee.. I know I'm evil!

Erin~They're expensive chocolates! But tasty.