Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Memories (the good stuff-more to come later)

Christmas morning started out with Armondo and I taking all of our stockings into Cherry's room and opening them in there. We figure that in the future, she'll come to US in the morning, but this year, we just went to her!

After stockings we let her out of her room, where, under the tree she discovered her new tricycle and Little People castle. (Isn't that bed head just PERFECT?)

She loved the trike, and was excited to put on her helmet and get up on it!

She was possibly a little TOO excited about the helmet, which she wore for most of the rest of the morning! Here she is opening a present from our blog buddies in Philly.

And here is Armondo, getting a little too excited about his new underwear. See his tongue? Yeah, he was practically drooling.

Speaking of drooling... Cherry loved her fake food. Little does she know that this present is to go along with her "big sister" gift of a kitchen that she's getting the day the baby is brought home.

After breakfast, Cherry is seen here in her second set of PJ's (from Philly). She got hollandaise sauce all over the first set of PJ's. And, she is also seen using my firm and large belly as a trampoline!

"Ooh, a belly button! And there's a Dolly in there, right?"

For the first time ever, "Nonny" was her favourite person. Once all the relatives showed up for the evening, she was clinging to me for hours. That is, until she warmed up to everyone else and started to totally ignore me. But I got quite a few good cuddles during the course of the evening, and I was loving it! "Daddy" is so last week!

These shots are the "Second Christmas" framer pictures. Doesn't she just look like a doll?
Serious business opening up these presents from Grandma!

My contribution to dinner. 10 345 servings of baked goods, and a punch. Armondo made the dinner. Besides what you see here, I also gave away four tins of goodies to our guests! And then, of course, there's all the stuff I already ate.

Dinner was awesome, there were 11 adults plus Cherry, and everything was wonderful. We all squeezed into our tiny house, and once we had our dinner and sat down, we could not move without getting three other people to get up to let ya out! You don't really need to see all the pictures of all the in-laws, but I thought I'd share this one. This guy, Armondo's mom's fiance, is my FAVOURITE in-law. Why? Can you see what he's doing? HE'S WASHING OUR DISHES! Well, he got at least half of them done! (Please ignore the nasty decor in the kitchen, it's the only room we haven't touched since we moved in.)

And this is a picture of Cherry on boxing day (the day after Christmas.) We just chilled all day. That is, after Armondo got up super early to go shopping at Future Shop! I thought I'd include this picture because, well it's super cute, and also, because this shows the THIRD set of pj's she wore on Christmas day due to getting covered in food! (Plus of course, she wore her dress. What does she think I am? A laundry fiend?)

And, over the next couple of days, I might just share the "not so good" Christmas stories. Thought I'd keep this post cute and good though.


Sarah said...

I LOVE the pic of Cherry poking you in the belly. And, I must say, your baking is HIGHLY impressive.

CeCe said...

Sarah~ Well thank you. I was quite impressed with it as well. I can't believe how MUCH I made though (that wasn't totally on purpose!)

Anonymous said...

that baby just about killed me with her cuteness. those rosy cheeks!! oh god, cuteness everywhere!!


Kim said...

Cute, Cute, and more Cute!!! There was too much cuteness going on at your house:o) I like Cherry's dress, she is a pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post. Cherry is going to have such a fabulous record of her Christmas x

Anonymous said...

She is just So Adorable! The bed head is precious (and my kids love that dragon too). I am so impressed that she wears her helmet willingly. T. is finally agreeable about it, but neither one of mine was willing to wear one when they were Cherry's age.
Looks like you had a very nice Christmas. It was very noble of you to entertain when you are in the last days of your pregnancy!