Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tired of Hearing about the Weather Yet?

I call it "The Lonely Apple"

She calls it "Appooo?"

"Forgotten Berries"

"Dancing Water, Frozen in Time"*


Mmm.. icicle!



Yup. That's it. That's our life right now. It has snowed non-stop for the last 24 hours or so. Just a little, light dusting for 24 hours, but it has accumulated up to a few more inches.

We are trapped. Even if I WANTED to drive in this crazy white stuff, there'd be no way I'd get out of the driveway.

Here on the southern west coast of British Columbia, we don't know the meaning of "winter tires". Therefore, we hang out in our house for days on end.

I might decorate tonight. There's no good TV on tonight (I know, I know, "House" is supposed to be good, but I have yet to watch it, and really, I NEED to have a night off of the TV at least once or twice a week, 'cause I watch MUCH TOO MUCH TV.) I'm thinking I'm sending Armondo out on the ladder in the next couple of days to hang the outside lights. This will be the first year we've ever hung outside lights, and the first Christmas spent at home! I'm going to go a little crazy on the decorations, I think. I'm buying a fake tree soon (you know, if I'm ever able to get out of the house) and I'm going to cover it with blue and silver decorations. That's the plan anyway. I've got lots of other decorations to put out though in the meantime.

Now, sorry, back to the weather. What the heck is WITH THIS WEATHER? Two weeks ago we were being pelted with rain and wind, forcing us to boil our water for several days on end, and now we're being buried in the white stuff, two whole months earlier than usual! And, according to Erin, who left a comment in my last post, said we have more snow here than she does in ALASKA! We were lucky here to have not get flooded out with the rain, but I'm sure when this snow melts, we're going to float away! Anyway, wish us good luck!

*isn't it cute how I named some of the photos?


Mr. Fabulous said...

Maybe I should move up there. I could never leave the house and be happy.

I like appoos!

shandelle said...

lots more snow than Newfoundland too!!! We're actually talking about your weather instead of vice versa

Kim said...

Cute photos and cute names. The snow looks like a lot of fun and I would love to have an excuse not to leave the house:o)

maidink said...

Lonley Apple and Frozen Dancing Water are some good shots there, kiddo.

I also like the Cherry Half Face photo.

Nice work.

K. said...

That's how my baby pronounces "apple" too. :) Great pics.

CeCe said...

Mr. Fab~Well, your house is so NICE, I can understand that!

Shandelle~hee hee, yah, it's nuts!

Kim~It's just been TOO long! First with the crazy rain keeping us in, and now with the snow!

Maidink~thanks! And thanks for the photo tips!

K.~I love this stage where the words aren't *quite* right, but still understandable. It's so cute!

Sarah said...

Well... have fun with glad. I'm still glad it's not bad here (yesterday's snow melted and I am thankful).

Sarah said...

Frig... my head is farting. I meant, "Have fun with THAT."

Belinda said...

I was going to comment on this post the other night, but then Alex had one of his "willyoupleaseturnoffthatstupidcomputer" fits and I had to go.

You know I think she's just the most. THE. MOST.

And now you have to put that beautiful blue tree in front of a window, so that snow will be the backdrop for it. Ahhhhhhhh.