Friday, July 21, 2006

Regarding: some catch-up.

Regarding my Dad: He's pretty much been gone every day and night except for one since I wrote the post about him being a pain. And I DID email him the italicized part! (He never said anything about it though.) A while ago, a friend of his GAVE him a sailboat, and he's been up in the next town at the docks working on it, and sleeping in it most nights. Right now he's taking a trip around Lasqueti Island. The boat is old, and needs a paint job, but it's pretty cool, considering it was free! My dad WAS home for a bit though, and I got him to watch Cherry while I ran to get my pregnancy bloodwork done, and while I was gone, he did the dishes! Which is really cool. Most of the dishes had to be RE-DONE, but still, it's the effort that counts! And his EI money finally came in. (I'm sorry, I keep on mentioning EI, and I know that some of you don't know what it is, so, here ya go:EI is short for Employment Insurance. You pay into it the whole time you work, and if/when you lose your job, you can collect some money while you look for a new job. The money you get is usually 55% of your regular wages, and it usually takes WEEKS to get the money, and there's lots of annoying paperwork involved.)

Regarding: The missing cat. Ozzy hasn't come home yet. She's been gone for 5-6 days now. I think that means she's gone for good. I mean, in this heat, if she got trapped somewhere, then she probably wouldn't be able to survive. Ugh, I don't want to talk about it anymore, my eyes are tearing up.

Regarding: Precious Moments. I've got a few to add.
~The way that Cherry clings to me like her life is in GRAVE DANGER when we go into the river.
~The doughy-ness of her when she wakes in the middle of the night.
~The SLEEPING in and LONG NAPS she's been taking lately. Those are precious for this preggo, exhausted mom!
~How she's REALLY, REALLY, for real, with no mistaking, saying "Mom" now!

Regarding: Vacation. In the middle of a post a week or so ago, I wrote about some vacation plans. Well, we still haven't made any final plans but the options have sort of opened up a little more.
Option #1) We could do the said plan and go up north by ferry and drive through the province on the way home.
Option #2) We could fly to Montreal and visit family and the city for a week.
Option #3)We could repair Armondo's bike and buy a bike for me and a trailer for Cherry and tour one of the local islands (this would also require buying a tent, but so would option #1).
Option #4) Or, as Armondo suggested during our phone conversation the other day, we could INVITE HIS BROTHER OVER AND THE TWO OF THEM COULD FIX THE DECK.

All of the above said options will cost a little over a grand, and all of them have their bad sides to them... actually, maybe one doesn't...
Option one-it's FREAKING hot right now, and spending hours on end in a car with the little one and a big hot belly doesn't sound very awesome right now.
Option two- Montreal is FREAKING hot right now. And, I'm thinking it might be better to visit said family after the second baby is born, so that they can visit them both at the same time. Option #3 is starting to look pretty darn good, really! And I've really wanted a new bike for awhile now anyway!
Option number 4 HAS TO BE A JOKE, 'cause it sure makes me LAUGH!

Regarding: Controversy. Ever since Bush Veto'd funding for Stem Cell research, there has been a LOT of talk about it on news talk radio. I feel like I've been learning so much about it lately, and I might hypothetically be thinking differently about it. Or at least THINKING about it period.

Regarding: Feelings towards Armondo. This whole fishing thing has been hard. But since we had our talk, and he's left this time, I've had NO ill feelings towards him (except when I think about the mouldy towels, but then I stop myself). I miss him, but I'm no longer angry, or feeling spite-ed, and I'm in deep smit. (And I love him too!)

Regarding: Friends. I have hung out with more friends lately, and tend to do something with someone about every other day now. Sometimes it's family, sometimes it's friends, but this week, we had a playdate with some little friends, we went to a street market with Armondo's aunt and cousin, and this coming Monday we're going to Victoria to spend the night with an old friend and to do some shopping. We'll also probably hang out with another friend in Parksville late Tuesday. (That's a LOT of driving!) I feel good about it all. I haven't made any plans for the actual weekend, 'cause it's a big festival weekend here in town, and I think I'll just take Cherry downtown for some of the festivities!

I feel like there was something else I wanted to update about, but I can't think of it. If you have any burning questions, then just let me know in the comments, and I'll get to them.


Candice said...

Montreal is very hot right now. But when im at work they have the a/c cranked so high, and then when you get outside it hits you hard, like when you get off the plane in mexico... september cools down, so if your coming, come then. Much better.

andrea said...

Someone *gave* him a 22 foot sailboat? WTF? Where was I when these boats were being handed around I wonder?

Our cat Zulu disappeared for almost 3 weeks once so take heart. Now she is monitored heavily when she goes outside and is not allowed out at night.

Kim said...

I'm glad things seem to be coming together for your. I hope the vacation plans work out and maybe it will cool down some.

CeCe said...

Candice~The last time I visited there (6 years ago) it was in August and I couldn't leave the house until after 2:30pm, 'cause it was so killer hot. It gave me nose bleeds!

Andrea~I know, it's pretty crazy to just be "given" a boat! It's in rough shape, but still! And that's good to hear about Zulu.

Kim~Thanks. I hope it cools down a bit too!

Erin said...

I want someone to give me a sailboat!