Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hypothetically, if I said that I agreed with Dubya Bush regarding stem cell research, I'd probably get a lot of hate comments, wouldn't I?

Hypothetically, I mean.


Maidink said...

Why, do you want hate comments?

Just kidding.

I'm fence sitting on the stem cell issue.

Erin said...

Yeah, probably. I can see both sides of the issue, but I think the benefits outweigh the costs, at least for the time being. But then, that's just my opinion. No hate mail here!

debambam said...

If people send you hate mail based on your PERSONAL opinion, they deserve to be SPAMMED...not nice.

Kim said...

Since I would "hypothetically" agree with you, I see no hate mail in the near future:o)

CeCe said...

I like that since he made his announcement, the local news radio station has had a LOT of good guests on from both sides of the fence. I've learned a lot lately!