Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Appliances, the tree, big girl bed, dumps and cankles.

This is what happens when you don't blog for awhile:

~We just purchased four new appliances. They arrive on Saturday hopefully! A new fridge, stove, front loading washer, and dryer. I'm so excited about the front loading washer, you have no idea!

~My beautiful tree in the front yard is coming down on Hallowe'en. We were told by a few "tree" people that it's a totally dangerous tree to leave in the yard and one guy told us we were crazy to even let our kid play in the front yard. It's the tree that housed the raccoons and is currently housing the squirrel. It turns out it's only one squirrel, and I'm a little upset that we have to fall the tree now, 'cause that little guy has been saving up food for the past month or so, and is now pretty much hiding in the tree for the winter already. We can't really wait until the spring to chop it though, 'cause it'll probably lose big chunks of itself during the first snowfall. So, us chopping down the tree might cause a squirrel to starve over the winter. But at least, my child won't be impaled by a tree branch while we're making snowmen and snow angels this winter.

~We got tough with Cherry. We've made her move to the "big girl" bed. She's been sleeping in her play pen for ages and wasn't too keen on making the move to the toddler bed, but lately, she's taken to pulling up the foundation thing in the pen and sleeping either on the folded up part that she created or sort of nesting on the hammock-like part in between the support bars. Neither arrangement seemed all that comfortable, or safe, so it was time to move her. In the beginning, I had moved her out of the crib partially because I was switching her to her "big girl room" and didn't want to move the crib in there, and partially because I didn't want her to associate getting kicked out of the crib with the arrival of the new baby. Even if I didn't kick her out of it when I did, there would be no way she could have stayed in it past this time anyway, because all you all know, she's CRAZY and climbs on EVERYTHING! And there'd be no way I'd be able to keep her in that crib.

So, last night, we decided it was time for her to get into her other bed. After doing a bit of research online, I found some good tips on the transition from a crib, and we implemented a few of them. She was NOT happy last night and fussed and cried for quite awhile before settling down. We went back to her a couple of times during the fussing to try to calm her down, and after the second or third time consoling her, she finally fell asleep. Today, at nap time, she cried for nine minutes, and tonight at bed time, she cried for eight. She's a fast learner. She totally surprises me sometimes. I don't totally get why she would cry AT ALL though, I mean, she can just get up and play with her toys if she doesn't want to sleep, it's not like she's tied to the bed, but I guess she just felt more "secure" in the pen. (At nap time, we also tried to get her to cuddle and sleep with us, but she will NOT co-sleep, even though we'd like to have that close, cuddly time with her sometimes.) I think the best tip I found was to remove the crib/pen from the room completely so that the kid doesn't get stressed out trying to "choose" which bed to sleep in.

~Thank you everyone for your love and support after my last post. I can totally get into moods sometimes, and they sometimes will last for a few hours, and sometimes for days. I try my best not to let myself take my pissyness out on loved ones, but it can be hard those times when it lasts for days. I'm still sore, and tired, but I'm not so moody. Armondo was nice enough to take off with the kidlet for an hour or so that day so I could have some time to myself, and the next day he took Cherry to the pool for a couple of hours and I was able to clean the house up and have a SHOWER WITH THE NEW, FRESH CAULKING OMG! and I felt quite a bit better with just having those simple pleasures. (I've been taking baths and squatting showers for what's seemed like months now, and I'm sooo glad to have my shower back!)

~And on Saturday, the day that we should be getting our shiny new appliances...

I'm also going to...


Wow. This is going to be sooo cool! I've never had any of these treatments before, and my nails are ALWAYS a mess, and I'm really excited! I hope I enjoy myself, but not too much, 'cause these sort of treatments are expensive, and I'm not sure I can fit them into our regular budget! It should be a nice day! And it might just make up for the fact that I no longer have ankles. That's right, I've now joined the legions of pregnant and chubby women out there who have cankles. I'm telling you, it's very attractive. It's sort of like having feet at the end of tree trunks. *sigh* oh the joy of pregnancy!

And on that note, I think I might go put my feet up!


Tricia said...

I'm jealous of the manicure and pedicure! I love pedicures, but I think the last time I got one was when I got married...
If you aren't used to having nails, then you might not like the gel ones...I LOVED them for a week, and then HATED them till they came off. They're pretty sexy at first though! Definitely worth trying.

debambam said...

You go girl!! Enjoy yourself....I mean REALLY enjoy yourself..don't think about anyone or anything else, just sit back and let the people who are being to, do their thing.
WTG on the front loader, we've got one and would never go back to a top loader, they totally rock!
Cherry will sort herself with the big girl bed before long....kids are funny like that!
Bugger about the tree, and the squirrel, but Cherry and you guys come first, not the squirrel.
Glad to see your feeling better now!
Cheers, Kelly

Sarah said...

Hmm. I have never had a front-loading washer. Tell me about their benefits!

shandelle said...

you are so funny!! We have a tree in our front yard and I am dying to get Chris to take it down. It makes a mess this time of year when the leaves fall off and we have 2 weeks of hard rain so they are mush on the lawn! Anyway, enjoy your spa day and let us know how it was.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago, we finally had to break down and buy a new fridge. I was resntful that our old one only lasted 18 years! lazy ass Whirlpool. Anyway, you wouldn't beleive just how exciting it was to get a shiny new appliance. i still sometimes sneak into the kitchen to glance adoringly at it! You rock frigidaire!

andrea said...

I love it when the small things go right. It's the day-to-day stuff that's important, isn't it? I see you're almost 30 weeks pregnant. Homestretch now -- exciting.

maidink said...

Okay Blogger ... you ATE four comments thus far. If you eat this one, I so hope you ... ummm ... well ... I ... I'll think of something DAMN clever later.

Anyway ...

Yes, cutting down the tree sounds like a good move. Last I heard, impaling is not a good thing. I mean, it can really ruin a weekend.

Front load washers rule. Yikes, I just said an appliance rules. Damn this domestication stuff.

Have fun at the spa Saturday!

Good lord, did I even NEED to say that? That was such a "duh" on my part.

*trots off*

Ryann said...

waiting for snow??? um.... where exactly do you imagine you're living???

I need a manicure/pedicure too... maybe next week, but mine is a business expense. hahaha weird.

enjoy it pampering is awesome!

Pink Deysi said...

I'm glad things are getting better. Enjoy the mani/pedi and facial day! How relaxing! I could sure use one of those. And yea on Cherry in the big-girl bed...but too bad about the squirrel. I'm sure he's a fighter though and will be fine! ;)

Kim said...

I am so glad that your mood is better. Congrats to the big girl Cherry for adjusting so easily:o) I am so jealous of your appliances, mine came with the house and are over 15 years old, except the dryer is maybe 8 years old.

I had acrylic nails for 2 years and loved them, my nails always looked nice, but I had to restructure my budget and they were dispensible. I hope to be able to wear them again in the future. I have not heard of gel nails, do you know how they are compared to acrylic?

Enjoy your relaxing time and relax:o)

CeCe said...

Tricia~I know I'll find them annoying after a bit, but it's the "sexy at first" thing I'm going for ;)

Debambam~The only thing that I'll be thinking about is that I'll be wanting to rush home to my new appliances!

Sarah~30-50% less water, 50% less power, they spin more water out than a regular washer, so drying time is shorter, they can fit more clothes, they use less soap, they're more gentle on clothes, no agitator to get bras wrapped around.. the list goes on...

Shandelle~Glad you find me amusing! I LOVE the tree, even though, yes, it makes a huge mess. But, Armondo cleans it up!

Avalon~Yeah, you'll probably find me gazing lovingly at our appliances too! Our fridge is probably over 15 years old too.

Andrea~Baby's coming soon! YAY!

MAidink~Yeah, impaling not so good. Unless you're a cheerleader with crazy powers. ;)

Ryann~Ok, our tree is SO bad, that even our little sprinklings of snow would be a hazard!

Pink~I want to leave food out for the little guy, but Armondo's right when he says that will attract rats :(

Kim~I don't know how they compare. It just seems like "gel" nails are the thing to do these days. I've never tried any fake nails.

Cherrypie said...

I looked like Henry The Eighth from the ankle down throughout my entire pregnancy. Thankfully it doesn't last