Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where'd my Baby Go?

It seems like it wasn't too long ago that I had a sweet little baby girl.... What happened?

My little baby girl has turned into a complete terror!

Maybe it's been slow process and I haven't noticed, or maybe it just started yesterday.

Yesterday, when we went to the Teddy Bear Pic Nic, I realized my kid is a bully. She stole everyone else's teddy bears and made the kids cry.

I also realized she's much more active than other children her age. And much more of a daredevil. She was running circles around the other kids and had no problem sliding down slides that the three year olds were too scared to go down without their parents.

All the other kids sat nicely at pic nic tables or on blankets for lunch, but not my kid. She had to be strapped in her stroller so that she'd stay in one place.

And in the past 48 hours, she's learned two new tricks.
Yesterday, she learned how to climb into her high chair on her own (picture taken today). This is a pretty good trick, 'cause she tells me when she's hungry.

Her second trick isn't so great. She has learned how to climb on the dining table. And besides the obvious reasons as to why this is a bad thing, it's also not so good because I no longer can put non-child friendly stuff on the table! Here she's getting into a bunch of stuff she shouldn't be!

Last night I went to bed pretty late, 'cause I spent some time sorting paperwork. Staying up late combined with the exhaustion due to pregnancy is not a good mixture. This morning I felt less than chipper, so I tried to lay on Cherry's bed while she played in her room. This usually works out fine for me, but the kid had no intention of letting me sleep. She threw books at me, stole the blanket over and over, and finally resorted to screaming to get me to get up.

After nap time, I was still over tired, and tried the same trick again. This time while I was on her bed, she decided that pulling my hair and hitting me in the eye with her new toy was the way to get me up. I cannot be certain that she meant to hurt me, but I have my suspicions. Call me a jerk, or evil or whatever, but after she pulled my hair, I pulled hers back. I didn't do it overly hard, and I didn't do it out of anger, but I figured that she needed to know how it felt. Once I knew she got the message, I gave her a hug and got up and off her bed. We then officially started the day with a non-eventful trip to the grocery store.

Starting this next week, I think we need to go to a play group. I need to make some friends, and this kid needs to see how other kids behave. Maybe she'll watch the other kids and calm down a bit, or maybe she'll be the ring leader and train a whole group of thugs.

Is it possible that the terrible two's can start at 14 months?

Oh, and seconds before I was about to hit the "publish post" button. The kid learned how to climb onto my desk. Oh, geez, what freakin' fun!


Mr. Fabulous said...

I refuse to believe even for an instant these terrible things you are saying about that beautiful baby LOL.


Sarah said...

Oh dear.

Well, I am tempted to say that she takes after you... but then, I have no idea what you were like as a child. :) It just seems to me that you aren't really afraid of anything either. :P

A. Elliot said...

I swear my son started the "terrible" twos well before he turned two! I used to joke around that he was advanced in having temper tantrums. I made some comment to the pediatrician this week about how glad I was that the terrible twos were over and she laughed and said 3 is worse! Nice blog!

Ryann said...

hahahahaha what a sweet little child. I don't know which one of you she gets it from, but with those genetics I wouldn't expect any less.

Just so you know, I'm going to laugh my ass off when you're chasing a 6mth old baby and a 2 1/2 yr old Cherry around your house in opposite directions. At that point I will be reminding you that you and dear Armondo did it on purpose.

hahahahaha have fun babe.

andrea said...

I was so smug when my second son started walking before he was 10 months old but then when I couldn't even keep him tied into a stroller by 11 months it wasn't quite so funny any more. I used to be so jealous of the mothers whose babies would actually sit still for more than 3 seconds at a time, who held back a little when facing something new, who had already learned the art of observation before action. I'm still waiting for #2 son to do those things and he turns 12 in 2 weeks! :)

CeCe said...

Mr.Fab.~I know, it's crazy! Hey, what are you doing up at such an insane hour? 5:50 am?

Sarah~I was much more fearless when I was a child. All of my fears have crept up recently.

A.~Yeah, in my experience of knowing three year olds, I'd have to agree. 3 year olds can be a pain!

Ryann~You know you're a jerk, right? And for the record, when I got pregnant the second time, having ARmondo around was part of the plan. But things change. Regardless, crazy kid or not, I love the rascal, and I would like more of them.

Andrea~No "look before you leap" here, that's for sure!

Cherrypie said...

Playgroup sounds like a great idea. It will help her learn how to share with other children before Baby arrives, something that can be very hard for a first child, particularly such a gifted one as Cherry ( I know - I was one). But more importantly, it will give you time to nip home for a kip in peace :)

Erin said...

I bet playgroup will be fun for her and a welcome break for you. Hope she doesn't learn to climb onto any other furniture in the near future! Maybe you can take her to a climbing wall? The ones here allow kids who are fairly young as long as their parent is there and they're properly roped in.

CeCe said...

Cherrypie~Yes, I think that playgroup would be good, but it's a mom and tot thing. The moms hang out and chat while the kids play. No running home for me! Besides, I live too far out of town for that.

Erin~We DO have a good rock climbing gym here. But you know, I'd rather go to the FREE park than pay to go there. But that's an awesome suggestion.

LB said...

You know, the experts say you should never label a child....she's not terrible....(of course you didn't even say that!) but I was thinking of a nice 'big sister gift' for Cherry when baby comes...
Tell me what you think;)
And yes, I have been voting every day for yer' sweetie girl's pic!

CeCe said...

LB~Oh, she's not terrible, she's just a terror! Hee hee..And you want to get my kid a trogdor shirt?!? Ok, FINE.. go for it! Turn her into a "NERD" before she hits two! And thanks for voting!