Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gotta share the cuteness!

We have visitors! A family of racoons has taken up residence in our big maple tree outside! They just came out of their nest which happens to be INSIDE our old, hollow tree. There are four babies that we've seen so far, and no-one has seen the momma yet. They made their appearance yesterday, and were up ALL night chittering away and exploring the yard. Every time I woke up to pee or other wise, I could hear them excitedly yelling and playing in the yard. It's a good thing we no longer have chickens! I just have to make sure the cats are inside in the evening now! And keep the garbage can lid on tight! The picture is of two of the pups cuddling and sleeping in the fork in the tree.

And Cherry couldn't let me take pictures of the racoons without snapping some of her too. So, for your veiwing pleasure, here's Cherry!


Erin said...


I've always been a bit scared of racoons, probably becase we don't have them here, but that one looks really cute, and just about all baby animals are adorable.

Maidink said...

We got a raccoon in our neighborhood. The fat little bastard is huge! I mean he is a mutant junkie monster! And he goes up and down the street on trash night, the brute.

Cherry is way too cute.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know which is cuter...the baby racoons or Cherry...

Yes I do. Cherry all the way!

CeCe said...

Erin~Well, they ARE nasty little critters, that's for sure, but they ARE darn cute!

Maidink~I like that... We got *a* racoon in our neighborhood. HEE HEE HEE!! *Scoffs* ONE RACOON!

Mr.Fab~Hee hee.. thanks Mr.Fab.

Tricia said...

So cute with their little bandit masks! Cute, but bad. Oh well. We don't have raccoons here, but sometimes bears go through the garbage (not ours, more the people who live toward the edges of town.)

Maybe you could visit, and we could go out to watch the bears at the dump - it's our most popular tourist activity!

Evan said...

Are you sure they are not rats!!! ;)

I thought we had some cute possums here for months till I saw one up close- a god damn huge rat.
Your bub growing up too cute BTW, you are going to have a hard time in a few years with the boys me thinks.

Melora said...

The raccoon is darling. Too bad he/she will grow up to be a trash can tipping brute. Cherry is even more adorable, and has a much more promising future. Your yard looks so pretty, with the willow and flowers and "up north" grass is much nicer than coarse Florida grass.

Kim said...

My sister has 'coons that live under her house and area pain.

Cherry is adorable!!

Anna said...

We have raccons and skunks...nasty when they cross paths!!!

Cherry is just adoreable!

CeCe said...

Tricia~Remember "Toms" in Bowser? Every year a bear would return there and eat out of the dumpster. Mike always talked about it.

Evan~They're not rats! We know rats. We used to have pet rats, remember?! Anyway, we'll have no problems with boys, she's going into a nunnery at 10!

Melora~Yeah, it's too bad that racoons are such bastards when they're big! And Florida has its perks! Like the warm Ocean, that apparently no-one lives close to.

Kim~Well, I'm glad they're not under MY house!

Anna~There aren't any skunks here thank goodness!

Skept1C said...

We had raccoons living outside of our apartment we had a few years back. Everynight I would go out and watch them all march by the edge of the grass. If I made any movement they would all stop and stare at me for the longest time. Eventually, I would get creeped out, and they would win the staring contest because I would go in.

Belinda said...

Gawd, she's the cutest thing EVER.

Seriously watch the 'coons, though. Around here they are the #1 vector for rabies. Ugh.

I got my first-ever tetanus shot courtesy of a raccoon. I swear. Bit me right on the lip when I was 4 years old.