Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh, the cuteness! I can barely handle it!

I'm usually watching TV at this time of night on Wednesdays. I watch Lost, then Criminal Minds, then CSI NY. Tonight though, I'm skipping out on the Criminal Minds, due to the fact that in tonight's show, there's a serial child killer. I SOOO don't need to see that. So, instead, I'm blogging, and Armondo is switching back and forth between the Oilers game (not our team) and Trailer Park Boys. This is what it sounds like: "F*cking this and that, Drinking rhum, smoking pot, Ducks, goal, whistle." I think you have to be Canadian to get all of that.

So, time for me to tell you about all the cuteness going on around here!!

Cherry is talking up a storm and has been learning all sorts of new things and words lately. Here are some samples of our conversations with her:

Armondo and I: "Do you want to go to the pool?"

Cherry: "PoooOO?"

Us: "What sound does a cow make?"


Us:"What sound does a pig make?"

Her:"Hong, hong."

Us: "What sound does a horse make?"

Her: "Nnnnnuh!"

Us: "Where's Annie?"

Her: "Aaaannnnuh?"

Us: "Where's Jacy?"


She's also learned how to nod and shake her head yes and no.

"Are you hungry?" *nods head wildly*

after her nap: "Are you still sleepy?" *Shakes head violently*

So, the big girl bed thing is totally working out. Ok, well not totally, but pretty well. She's going down without any problem now. Just barely a little fuss, but nothing huge, but the mornings are another story! She's waking up WAY too early! And not going back to sleep! And also, last night, she woke up in the middle of the night and screamed for awhile before calming down (maybe she didn't know where she was?) There's a night light in there, so it shouldn't be too bad for her, but I guess these things take time.

She's also figured out which blanket is her "blankie" as seen in the pictures below:
Oh, and she no longer hams it up for the camera. She makes dumb faces like the one above. And yes, that's the creepy doll you can see there. I couldn't get rid of it. And I'm glad I didn't, because my MIL has even made a scrap book page about the dang doll, and Cherry will have that forever, and if I had gotten rid of the stupid doll, there'd be questions I'd have to answer. I might gently suggest that it might have to go to charity one year if she wants any Christmas presents (You know, the "one in, one out" rule.) But I can't just get rid of it myself, because I'm weak, and trying to not be mean. *sigh*

So, Christmas is coming soon, and since Armondo is going to go back out on the water in the next couple of weeks or so until early Dec, he's started to look for our Christmas presents. Today I "caught" him looking at Barbies on the Toys R Us site. Last year, I got a nice fancy "Inuit Legend" Barbie, and Cherry got the Holiday Barbie. I'd like to collect more, and I sort of wanted to get the Christmas one for Cherry every year.

Anyway, the two of us were looking at the Barbies, and Armondo's clicking on the pictures and saying things like "I like the colours in that one." "Ooh, I like HER hair!" "We should get THAT one! Oh, and THAT one!" And I couldn't help but giggle. Seems like I might know what to get HIM for Christmas this year! (And I, of course, want them ALL!)


Anonymous said...

hehehehehe. thats pretty cute ;)


shandelle said...

That is so cute. I love the age when they are starting to learn how to say words that only mom and dad can understand. It is adorable. She looks like you though. Maybe the next one will look like Armondo.

Pink Deysi said...

She's too cute! I'm sure she will get more comfortable with the big girl bed soon. She has done great with it so far! Have fun looking at barbies!

CeCe said...


Shandelle~She looks just like her dad too, I'll post some pics soon!

Pink~She's already improving with the bed since I wrote the post, it's awesome!

debambam said...

Oh, how do you do it? I mean living with all that cuteness is just soooo much to think about! Can I have some?
Cheers, Kelly

Anonymous said...

CeCe~~ That second picture cracks me up for some reason. her eyes scrunched shut! This is such a fun age when they are learning to communicate in their own manner.

Melora said...

She is just darling, and every bit as cute when making the silly, squinched eyes face. Glad the bed thing is working well!

Those Barbies are fun. K. loves them and has quite a few, but you seem to have found a better selection than we see at Walmart, which is heavy on the "Street Walker Barbie" variety. I think Armondo definitely needs his own Barbie for Christmas -- dads can be very good at playing dolls (Ed is actually much better than I am).

Kim said...

I love the age when they are trying to say stuff and come up with these cute words for things. Looks like everyone there might be getting a barbie.

K. said...

It's been so long since I have looked at Barbies - I didn't realize they had so many differents ones now! I hope you did get that Diwali Barbie; she was gorgeous!!

CeCe said...

Debambam~Oh, Zoe gives you your fair share of cuteness, don't you think? She's adorable.

Avalon~It IS a funny picture, but I seem to have a dozen or so the same! Good thing I don't pay for film anymore!

Melora~Well, these particular Barbies aren't for "playing" with. They're just for looking nice in the boxes. Lame, I know :P I can't wait to watch Armondo playing Barbies with Cherry!

Kim~Totally. The cute words are always cracking me up!

K~I guess there won't be too much Barbie shopping in your house full of boys!