Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BlogHer 07

Well, ladies, (and a few gents who might be interested), BlogHer 07 has been announced and it will be in Chicago!

I full on plan on going! And really, I think you should too. (More info at

And you know what? After reading all the accounts from other bloggers who went to the conference this year, I'm even more excited about going next year. The fact that there was all sorts of "drama" going on doesn't even dissuade me, in fact, it makes it all the more tantalizing, 'cause I mean really, who doesn't like a little drama in their lives?

In fact, I might even create a bit of my OWN drama right before I leave.

"What?" I'll shout. "You don't want me to go for the weekend to booze it up with a bunch of pseudo strangers? Well too bad! If you don't let me go, then I'm LEAVING you! And the kids too!" Then I'll stomp out the door in a huff. But then I'd run back in, give everyone a kiss and tell them I'll be back. 'Cause really, what if I like DIED on the plane and left my family like that?!?!

But anyway, it really sounds like all the drama was just like the highschool drama I remember. Minus the boys. But it's inevitable, I mean really, get a bunch of women together, and you get drama. We LIVE for the stuff. Even those of us who pretend that we don't. I mean, most of us don't like major drama ALL the time, but once a year, for a weekend sounds like the perfect amount of drama for me!

So, mark your calendars, and I'll see you there!


maidink said...

Chicago? That's a flight I can handle. Okay, I'm in for next year.

Never been there ... Chicago, that is.

*checks map*

Nope. Haven't been there.

Chase said...

I'm going to be there. YAY! :)

And, about all the drama, there really wasn't THAT much. Out of 750 women, I only heard of 2 instances where there was any issue at all. And the issues weren't that big!

Of course, everyone talked afterward about the "moms vs. everyone" thing, but I never once saw that. Only heard about it. *shrug*

Now that you said you're going, you can't take it back! We're gonna meet next July 27th!!! Heheheh! YAY!

CeCe said...

Maidink~Cool, we'll be seeing ya!

Chase~I won't take it back! I'm going! And it'll be better for me to go next year than if I went this year, 'cause next year I can get WASTED!

CeCe said...

*wasted=three drinks, btw

Chase said...

Hahah!! took me about the same amount this time around. Chase = cheap date!

Kim said...

Chicago is a lot closer than CA, so I will see what I can do. It is too early for me to promise anyhting yet:o)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I might go as well, as some of the "token testosterone"