Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Doing my best Britney impression.

So, I've had problems with dying my hair before. Since the disaster that I have linked to, I haven't done any more colouring of my hair. My roots were getting really bad, and I figured I'd try to get close to my natural colour and just leave my hair alone. Being that I'm pregnant, I decided to try a semi-permanent instead of a permanent colour to try to avoid harsh chemicals.
And this (above) is my before picture. The dark part on top is NOT a shadow. Those were my roots. Omgoodness, just look at that SHNOZZ!

And here (above) is my after picture. That is one forced smile you are seeing there. I tried my best to get as close to my natural colour as possible. I succeeded, but I HATE my natural colour! This is how I really feel about my new hair.

And, I feel worse than this now, because now that it's more dry, I can see that I missed spots. Really visible spots. *sigh* I have to buy a second box of hair dye AGAIN. But it's pony tails for now, 'cause I'm busy and won't have a chance to leave the house for the next few days (lots of visitors coming over). Why do I do this to myself? It's 'cause I think I can save money by doing it myself. But by the time I buy two boxes of dye and do it myself, I could have gone to the hair dresser, paid about $10 more and had someone ELSE to blame for the shoddy job!


Chase said...

I think you look great with darker hair! Love it!! :)

(Not Britney trashy at all!!!)

maidink said...

Oh for Petes sake, you look great. Your hair could be plaid and you'd still look awesome.

Well, maybe not plaid, but you know what I mean (I hope). Not that you wouldn't look awesome, which you would. It's just I'd highly suggest not dying your hair plaid. That's if it was even possible. Which I doubt.

Yep, I sound like a babbling doofus right about now.

I'll be quiet.

CeCe said...

Chase~well thank you, but UGH, everytime I look in the mirror, I just think "white trash"!

Maidink~Ha ha, well thank you too, but with all the weird patches where Imissed spots, it's almost like plaid too!

Alex said...

Cece - You are no way close to looking like Britney Spears. I mean... really. Get a cheesy husband, gain 40 lbs., put on 2 tubes of mascara (at a time). I mean when you look up "white trash" in the dictionary, there is Britney. Honey, Britney should be jealous of YOU. You have a husband that loves you and you're cute as a bug.

Belinda and I just love you.

See, I do comment on others blogs.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Geez, could you be any cuter?

You're fabulous!

Kim said...

I like your "original" color and don't think it looks trashy. I can't make out the missed spots in the photos:o)

Erin said...

Your hair color is cute! I like it Not Britney-esque t all. I'm too chicken with my hair to dye it anymore - I always look like I'm trying to be trendy but instead just look trashy.

CeCe said...

Alex~Ahhh, thanks! And, thanks for commenting. I'm not mad at you anymore :P

Mr.Fab~No, Darlin' YOU'RE FABULOUS!

Kim~Well, thanks Kim..

Erin~I know the feeling :P BUt I think I'm done. This should fade a bit (hopefully) and I'll try to keep it more natural from now on. IT's just a shock that it's SO dark!

DramaPrincess said...

I think it looks good! And I get my hair done at a local beauty school... it's half the price of the salon, and they are under teacher supervision. :)