Monday, November 05, 2007

Rock On!

Recently, Armondo brought Cherry some beautiful rocks from the shores of the Queen Charlotte Islands. (Slightly south of the Alaskan Pacific shore.) And Cherry LOVES them. She "plays" with them every day, transferring them from her "treasure chest" (small wooden box Armondo provided her with to store them) to her purses, to her SOCKS, or any other creative place she can think of.

And yes, she STILL sleeps with her rocks.

One day, after her she awoke from her nap, I was tidying up the mess of toys she made, when I saw this:

It seems as though her rocks are as important as "Mom" and "baby" here, and take part in doing laundry (bottom left) and use the bathroom (top right).


hannelle said...

that's awesome! i remember doing the same thing with seashells :)

i like that the rocks get to live with mommy and baby -- too cute!

CeCe said...

*I* used to collect carpenter ants. I can live with the rocks!

Sarah said...

Hahahaha... awesome! CUTE!