Friday, May 18, 2007

Thank You!

I appreciate all the support you've been passing on. I'm sorry I haven't been responding to each comment, but I HAVE been reading them, and if I WAS responding to them, it would look something like this:


Thank you.

I agree, Thanks.

You're great, thanks.

So, there you go. Thank you. And just 'cause I don't really have anything specific to write back to each comment, please don't think that I want you to stop commenting!

And, here, to liven this post up:
Cherry says: "See Momma, I DO love my little sister! Can't you tell?"
Peach says: "Help me!"


flutter said...

Look at how wonderful your little beans are! Oof, my ovaries.

Melora said...

They are beautiful, and I love the matching dresses!

Sarah said...

Aww... adorable.

Forsells said...

hahaha :-) looks like my daughters!!! lovely children! Have a nice summer! Bye from Sweden /family forsell /anna