Friday, May 18, 2007

Goodbye Jacy.

A little over a year ago, Belinda sent me a wonderful little poodle from Arkansas named Jacy.

She's a great dog.

But today, I sent her away. Unfortunately, our home wasn't her forever home, and for that, I feel terribly sorry. It's not that we didn't like her; we do. It's not that she wasn't a good dog; she is. It's just that when I committed to having her join our family, I was one child less and one husband more, and it wasn't hard to spend time with her, take her for walks, bathe her, trim her, cuddle her, etc. I cannot remember the last time I bathed her or trimmed her-I think the last trim was before Christmas, except for a touch up around her face, and the last bath was over a month ago. And for a white poodle, that just isn't often enough! And I have no clue when her last walk was. Walking two kids and two dogs is a little insane. Annie MIGHT have a bit more of a chance of getting walks now that she's the only dog, but she might just have to get her exercise running around the front yard chasing Cherry. (Annie is in no need of more exercise, she's a very healthy, strong, dog who is in great shape. Jacy was getting a little pudgy.)

Jacy is also a lap dog, and unfortunately, while Armondo is gone months at a time, there is only one lap here available for her, and with a nursing baby, two needy cats, and a crazy, monkey like toddler, there wasn't much room on this lap for her. It's amazing the difference between a lap dog and a floor dog. Sure they both want pets and cuddles and attention, but for some reason, the floor dog doesn't seem to take it so hard when you shoo her away!

I never wanted to be one of those people who treats animals as "disposable", so I feel incredibly guilty about letting her go, but hopefully she'll find the perfect home.

The most important thing I can take from this is: NO MORE PETS. THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU TAKE ON THIS KIND OF RESPONSIBLILITY!

So, here are some photos to remember dear Jacy by:
april 28-30 020

april 18 024

And from our camping trip last year.

A big thanks goes out to Andrea for "fostering" Jacy and arranging for her to find her way up to Alaska where Erin (of former Pupsickle fame) will hopefully find her permanent home.

And PS..
I WILL do the meme I got tagged for! Just give me a day or so!


flutter said...

It's not like you opened the door and left her to fend for herself. I know you feel horrible, but you are doing what's fair to have her find a home where she will be front and center of attention. Sorry you had to do this.

Sarah said...

I'm really glad you found a solution... and hope that her absence will give you the breathing room you need!

Belinda said...

Hopefully this will alleviate some stress for you. Poodles are VERY people-oriented, and you're right, are absolutely not happy if separated from the family even a little. Your life changed dramatically after you added her to your family, and I appreciate you bringing the problem to me instead of just letting her languish in a yard, lonely...which is what a lot of people would have done. I wish she could have come straight back down here, but we already have flight embargos in effect for pets. I have confidence in Erin's acting in my stead, and we'll do what's best for Jacy! My thanks, as well, to Andrea, who stepped in and provided a crucial "missing link" in the process.

Erin said...

Celena - thank you for taking care of everyone. Because really, telling Belinda that you thought she'd be better off somewhere else is taking care of her, not abandoning her. She will be fine here, until I can either get her back to Belinda or find her a new home in Alaska. Just think, we're adding to the ranks of Alaskan poodles. Soon we'll be legion!

Anonymous said...

CeCe said...

Thanks Ladies, you've actually made me feel better about the whole thing.

Anonymous said...
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