Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Phone Conversation.

The back story: Armondo was scheduled to get "snipped" (vasectomy, not circumcision) shortly after Peach was born, and in time to recover before going back out on the ocean. Well, the doc rescheduled once, and cancelled due to being sick the second time. And Armonodo HAD to go back to work. So, we decided that when we knew for SURE that Armondo was going to be home, *I* would try to schedule another appointment for him for when he came home.

Me: So, should I be setting up an appointment for you?

Armonodo: No, I won't be home long enough. (To recover)

Me: Yeah, I guess you'll have to do it next time.

Armondo: Yeah, that doctor really screwed me!

Me: Yeah, and now you're not getting screwed! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Armondo: *silence*

Me: Oh? Not funny?

Armondo: No.

PS. I still haven't done the dishes or finished the laundry.


dillyweed said...

so you are going to have more babies?!?
Sorry, had to ask. It was too hard to resist...

Anna said...

Remember what happened to us....Ken went for the consultation but not the follow through. I am still working on him to get the snip!

Anonymous said...
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Maidink said...

That was pretty evil of ya.

Just sayin'

CeCe said...

DW~No more pregnancies. More babies might be a possibility.

Anna~Hee hee, but you make such beautiful babies, you're doing the world a favour by continuing to have them!

Maidink~Hee hee.. yeah, I know.

Evan said...

recovery time. it's about two hours, I think he might be making excuses!!!!!!!

CeCe said...

Evan~hee hee, I'll tell him you said that! In reality, it's about a three day recovery for someone who has a desk job, but since he's a labourer, he needs a good week to recover. And he'll only be home for a week.