Friday, March 23, 2007

Torturing my children.

Today Peach rolled over from her back to her front. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures until she sort of rolled back onto her side, but dang it, I tried...

You can sort of see in this picture that her hips are both on the bed, front down!
And I didn't help her roll back onto her back until she started crying. That was child torture event number one today.


I've been having a lot of trouble getting Cherry to let me brush her teeth lately. Most times I'm met with screams and kicking when the toothbrush is placed anywhere in the vicinity of my first born. So I thought I'd try a battery powered toothbrush.

"Hey! This looks pretty cool!"

"Hmmm... Maybe I'll give it a try!"

"Yep, yep, I could live with this! Hey mom, I bet you're wondering why you didn't think of this earlier, eh?"

"Ahhhh, pure teeth brushing pleasure!"

After five minutes, I tried to take the brush away from her. I tried again after ten. At fifteen, I figured it would be a darn good idea for this kid to stop brushing before she took the enamel right off her teeth.

Cherry, however, thought that taking the brush away was the worst idea EVER!

Thus ends child torture event number two. Good thing there's still a few hours left before the end of the night. I might be able to torture them some more.


Julie said...

My oh my! But her teeth do look very very white!

Alisha Ferguson said...

Geez...and you said I was cruel for torturing my kid! I bet when you saw it, you thought "huh..that looks like it could be fun!" hehe
We need to hook up soon!!

dillyweed said...

We got Dylan one of those electric kiddie toothbrushes because he was in love with our Sonicare toothbrushes. His love of his new electric brush only lasted a while... then he hated it again. He likes to hold it and play with the button, but unfortunately we have to torture him each night and force our way in for a few strokes. I have a fear of 3 year old Dylan getting a root-canal if we don't. Poor kid.

Sarah said...

Torture event #3 was taking pictures of her when she was earnestly trying to cope with her feelings of misery and loss. Haha. Good idea to get an electric toothbrush though, I hope. :)

Maidink said...

I still sat Cherry looks like she's tryin' to give you "the finger" in that last photo.

Taking away that poor kid's tooth brush.

Tsk, tsk

Evil mommy

Avalon said...

Oh you meanie! Giving that kid such a wonderful toothbrush and then taking it away! Poor, poor Cherry. LOL

CeCe said...

Julie~Well, that's good!

Alisha~Yes, let's get together and torture our kids at the same time!

DW~Ha ha, yeah, it is DARN hard to get kids to let you brush their teeth! I hope she doesn't get tired of it!

Sarah~oh, you know you're going to torture your kids with the camera too!

Maidink~Yes, yes, she's giving me the finger, and indeed I'm evil.

Avalon~She'll be ok, I swear!