Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dear Anonymous.

Hello there. I just thought I'd write you this letter to let you know that I understand you.

I have this feeling that you're a lot like me. You probably grew up in a household a lot like mine. I imagine you were a kid starving for attention, and that the only way you could get it was by being a brat and receiving negative attention.

That's the way I was, and it carried on into my adulthood. I always felt pretty cool and witty when I could say something to cut someone down and get a laugh out of my fellow sarcastic buddies. But you know, there's something really wrong with being that way. It's not actually fun to be a jerk all the time, so I've been trying to be a nicer person, and you know? I like myself better now.

It's a constant struggle though, trying to be nice. Mean things come to me much quicker than nice things. I have to force myself to come up with positive things to say to people when really, I just want to tell them that they're idiots, but hey, I'm still trying, and that's part of growing older and wiser.

The point of this letter is to tell you that I'm done giving you the negative attention that you DESERVE (for acting like a little brat) and I'm ready to give you the positive attention that you really, deep down, must WANT.

So, I'm offering you a virtual hug ((hug)) and a truce, and I'm asking you to come back to play here at my place, but to please, just be nice, and we'll be nice to you! And if you do decide to come back, and you DON'T play nice, then I'm going to have to delete every comment you make regardless of your accusations of censorship.

Oh, and try to come up with some clever name for yourself, 'cause it's really hard to remember how to spell "anonymous" all the time!



Evan said...

"Mean things come to me much quicker than nice things." How friggin true is that? And I always thought I was clever taking the mick (or just being English) I'm not sure you were ven trying in this post but that was so clever and an amazing read. so if anaonoymouuusly writing person writes something slack back, me thinks they are just in awe. Hope I get a blog stalker one day...I'll cut and paste this post!!!!

shandelle said...

I second evan. You go girl. Smart writing. I don't think he/she will have much to say after that!

Avalon said...

Very, very nice CeCe. Personally, I still prefer mean, so i give you a lot of credit for taking the high road on this one.

Anonymous said...

the real reason you wont post any more of my comments are that the truth hurts . i was not the daughter/son of a druggie nor was i lacking love as a child , i just simply express what i have to say, and sometimes the truth hurts. you wont post this b/c you want to make it seem like the perfect blog which it is not. life has its bumps and everyone does not need to know about it. get a diary or see a shrink. i know you wont post this because yu dont want peoiple to see. its not wrong for you to talk about your problems but therre are other places besides the internet to do this. yeah its good reading and much like a soap opera but thats what shows like passions and one life to live are for. its not being mean but pointng out the fact that sometimes there is TMI. and by the way what is EVAN doing on a womans blog . i would be worried about that. comments are for posting and i know youll delete this one so why ont you just suck it up and give people something to read about and publish this little comment . have a good (not mean comment day)

Anonymous said...

all these "bloggers" need to get a life. anon is right - see a shrink - especially since you named your kids peach and cherry

Mr. Fabulous said...

Let's all gather around for a group hug, shall we?


walt said...

anon, if you have nothing else to say, keep it to yourself. Let this blogger live in her own world with all her fellow yes-men bloggers. life just seems more simple that way.

Maidink said...

I want to be part of the group hug!


Check it out - anon is talking to itself.

Tricky little bastard, aren't ya?

Anonymous said...

i don't know about those anons but i am the real anon but you won't post this b/c you think i'm not the real anon. so you can sit there and judge all of us anons you want b/c you're a meanie to anons. and anons are chickensh*t cowards but you didn't hear that from me b/c then the other anons won't like me.

dillyweed said...

Hey, I didn't know that my profile didn't show my blog URL. Strange. I added "my webpage" link to the profile and maybe that will help. Thanks for pointing that out for me. Weird stuff.
Oh, and I guess Mr/Mrs. Anonymous still doesn't get it. Maybe they should just look at a different blog if they have a problem with yours. How about that one for a try? :)

CeCe said...

Evan~You're more than welcome to lift this blog entry!


Avalon~Well, I PREFER mean, of course..

Anon 1.~You said: "get a diary or see a shrink" I think I've addressed this before, but the basic reason why I write this blog is because I've never been able to keep a diary for any length of time, and I simply cannot afford a shrink.
You said: "yeah its good reading" Thank you! That's obviously why you and many others keep on coming back!
You said: "and by the way what is EVAN doing on a womans blog . i would be worried about that." Well, we don't gender segregate around these parts, and I'm sure they don't in Aus. either. Do they still do that in Conn.? I thought Conn. was part of N.America, and we're a pretty progressive part of the world. Maybe you're Muslim? They still gender segregate.

Anon 2: Sadly, for many of us, this is our life, and for many of you, reading about our lives is what gets you through your day. I think it would be a lose/lose situation if we all stopped blogging! Maybe you and Anon 1 could start a paypal account and collect some funds for a shrink for poor ol' me!

Mr Fab~ (((BIG HUG))) and *smooch*

Walt~Thanks dude.

Maidink~ (((BIG HUG))) and a smooch for you too!

(Not so)Anon #3~ Oh, I love you , you big goof!

Dillyweed~Glad I found you, anyway! And thanks for the support.