Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me?

Two of my good friends treated me to meals this weekend. One took me to her aunt's house and we had yummy lunch and ice cream cake on Saturday.

The other friend treated me to a yummy dinner last night with some awesome chocolaty cake.

Last night, I started feeling the effects of Food poisoning. And it lasted pretty much all day today. Turns out that friend number one from lunch on Saturday, experienced all the same symptoms, as well as her little cousin. Luckily, Cherry didn't eat the "pre washed" veggies that seem to have been the culprit.

So, yeah, I've been doing nasty business out both ends for hours and hours and I was completely wiped today. My MIL was nice enough to come down to watch Cherry while I slept and cuddled with Peach all day, who also was up all night, due to me waking her up every time I got up.

One good thing: Armondo surprised me by coming home early!


Sarah said...

Crappy - no pun intended. Your friend must feel terrible about it. I've had food poisoning twice and it was AWFUL. I feel for you. If I were back on the Island I'd offer my help...

Tricia said...

It was me, yes, it was me.

Yeah, I feel pretty bad, bad because you're sick, and bad because I'm sick too. Ugh. Starting to feel a bit better now though...happy birthday?

Hillary said...

gah! No fun! I'm sorry, I'vebeen sick like that once or twice before, and it. is. not. good.

Is TODAY your birthday??? Happy birthday! (Or at least TRY to have a happy one)

Hope you're feeling better!

Evan said...

Sounds like you got something off debabam!!

happy b'day and many happy returns matey

Candice said...

Happy birthday Celena!..... Tricia, i think you can come up with a better present next year. Because i dont think she can return this one.

Avalon said...

CeCe~~ Sorry your birthday has turned out so awful!

Kim said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you are feeling better now and able to enjoy the day:o)

Anonymous said...

its always about you geeeezzzz
someone is self centered

CeCe said...

Sarah~thanks, I'd take you up on the offer.

Tricia~Hee hee.. you're a great friend?

Hillary~The fifth was my birthday, thanks for the wishes, but it was horrible!

Evan~This whole blog thing can really be contagious, eh?

Candice~I think she was getting me back for forgetting hers :P

Avalon~Thanks. But it's ok, I'm staying 25 forever, so it's good that this one is better forgotten!

Kim~Still sick, two days later :(

Anon~Hmmm.. MY blog, MY birthday.. yup! It's all about me! You should get a blog that's all about YOU!

Anonymous said...

ah no thanks i dont need a blog for uninteresting dolts to commenton and raise my self esteem up or feel sorry for me like some people do we get it you have 2kids its hard wah wah wah me me me me me me me get over it

Maidink said...

Oh looky folks, Anon is back!

It's been a while, so let's all give it a round of applause.

So tell us, Anon, where ya been?

Avalon said...

[[[Clap, clap ,clap]]]

for Anon. I think we all highly value the unsolicited opinions of someone who is too afraid to leave their own name. Especially since that person is so terribly original, they complain about a person who Blogs about themselves. Apparently, Anon prefers fiction, probably on a very basic level ...judging by the grammar. To top it off, the ever witty Anon obviously reads the same Blog they claim to dislike.

What a winner!! Somebody give Anon an asshat award.

CeCe said...

Thanks for your support girls, but we're going to be nice to Anon from now on, ok?

shandelle said...

I thought that the majority of blogs were about the blogger, so that people who know them could catch up and know what is going on in a friends life?

Alex Elliot said...

Happy Birthday!