Sunday, March 11, 2007

What Cherry's been up to!

Cherry, my darlin' girl, you're such a joy to hang out with these days! Every day you come up with new phrases or activities that just make me smile with joy. You're becoming such a cool little person and at just over 20 months old, it's been awhile since I've documented your phrases and favourites, so here, is a sampling.

We'll start with some of your favourites.

~"Non-Hee" (Monkey movie, aka Curious George.)
~"Fiss-hee" (Fishy movie, aka Finding Nemo)

TV shows:
~"Non-Hee" (Monkey show, aka Curious George.)
~"Ollie, Ollie, Ollie" (Rollie Pollie Ollie)
~You also like anything "ELMO!"

~"Ssssssnick" (snakes aka, curly fries.)
~"Teeessse!" (cheese)
~"Seer ee oh" (Cereal)
~"Snack" (any kind of food that comes in a package that we feed you between meals, but usually refers to granola bars.)

~"Na!" (Milk),
~"Dooce" or "jus" (said the french way for juice.)
~"Wow-ow" (water).

Hard to choose between some of your favourite things! What do you go for? The snakes? The soother? or the juice?

~"Soo Zdurr" (soother)
~"Non-Hee" (You have three stuffed Monkeys, including a Curious George one, and you also like your "Barrel of Monkeys")
~You also love your Dollies, which, when you talk about them, sounds like you're calling them "daddy", which is pretty funny to me sometimes.
~You have taken over some of Daddy's Star Wars figurines, and you love Chewy the best. When he's in the house, you'll take him to bed with you, and when he's in the car, you'll hold on to him the whole car ride, and I'll hear "MmmWA!" over and over as you give your furry friend kiss after kiss. The rest of the Star Wars figures are cool too, but not as good as him.
~"Fwower! Woks!" (Flowers and Rocks-which you collect on our walks.)

Flower in one hand, rocks in the other-PERFECT!

~Your pink flower blanket, which you have yet to name, which surprises me, 'cause you really, truly love it. In fact, one day, when you saw that I had put Peach on it, I saw the quiver in your lip and the rage in your eyes, so I quickly scooped up your sister and avoided near disaster!

~"Walk!" (said faster than normal though, making sound more like "Wok")
~"Snow!" (play in snow)
~"Pway!" (go to play group)
~"Pooo!" (go to the pool)
~You also like to step on your sister which makes "De de sad!" (baby sad) But to make up for it, you say "Sew wee" (sorry) and you give her a kiss.
~Another thing you like to do is "Seeee!" (Which means colour with crayons, but sounds nothing like it!)

~You also like to talk on the phone, real or play, or anything that sort of looks like a phone. (Like remotes, etc) One day, when your sister was crying, you said into a fake phone "De De Sad!" When talking to your daddy, you said "See soon" (see you soon) and a few days later (Feb 25th), you told my grandmother "Dunno say!" as you shrugged your shoulders (I don't know what to say). These were some of your first real sentences.

~You also like to sing, and you usually make up your own songs. You often sing about "NAnnie", "Osssie", "Jee Cee", and "Fwowers". (Annie, Ozzy, Jacy and flowers) Sometimes you'll also sing about Momma, DeDe and Daddy. You will also sing songs from TV shows and movies, with "Ollie, Ollie, hoo aay, Yay!" (He's Rollie, Pollie, Hurray, Hurray) and "Fwip Fwap Fwy!" (Flip Flap and Fly) being among your favourites. You also attempt to sing the "Wonder Pets" song, which is a song we sing together with you filling in the blanks.

Me: "Linny, Tuck.."
You: "Ning ning oooh!" (Ming Ming too)
Me: "We're wonder pets, and we'll help you. What's gonna to work?"
You: "Eee Ook!" (Team work)
Me: "What's gonna work?"
You: "Eee ook!"

~You like to play with all of your toys, and part of the joy of playing with them is removing them ALL from their proper places. You're always quick to help clean up though. You just get distracted easily. And you now know the proper answer to "Heeeeyyy, WHO MADE THIS BIG MESS!" which I ask you every evening, and to which you always reply with a huge grin: "NeeeEEE?" (Me?)

Part of your mess making includes taking all of your clothes out of your drawers and, now, your new thing is to throw the clothes in your dirty laundry basket, which is a habit I SO DON'T APPROVE OF, but I'm able to laugh about it, 'cause every time I open your drawers to put your clothes back, there's always some sort of little prize to be found from sippy cups to teddy bears to neatly lined up Little People.

Other things you say and do:

~"Momma, Daddy, I Tuck!" (Momma, Daddy, I'm stuck!) When ever you're stuck or hurt, or whining, you always yell "Momma, Daddy" instead of just picking one of us. It's pretty cute.

~"A HOW! A HOW!" (Help! Help!) you've learned to yell this when you REALLY need us, and are not just whining. When you use this term, it's usually combined with "I tuck!" as you seem to get yourself into the strangest spots sometimes. (Legs caught in your headboard, climbing half way up shelves and can't get down, twisted through the bottom rungs of your rocking chair, flopped over your toy horse-head down, etc.)

~"EEEWWWW!" Said while changing your diaper.

~"Pleah" Said while sticking out your tongue, and is a companion term to the above.

~"A Hans!" Commanding me to let you wash your hands.

~"A teess!" (Brush teeth.)

~"Neeeerrrooom!" Said when listening to airplanes fly over our house, which is in a landing path for a small airport. You also make the sign language sign for it, but you wrap your ring finger awkwardly around your pinky, which makes no sense at all, as it's not the easiest thing to do!

~"Yee Haw!" Said when riding your toy horse, seeing a horse, talking about horses, etc.

~"Ollie Ollie ollie Yee Haw!" Your yodel, which started a couple of months ago, which is a combination of "Rollie Pollie Ollie" and Yee Haw.

~"Seeee!" (Oopies!) Said when you drop something. (slightly different than the "seee" used to describe crayons, or when you say you want to see something)

~"Duh Dye" (Buh bye.)

~You also say "Peeeesss" and "Tan you". And you're always good to say "sssuuse me!" when you fart or burp.

~You also say "Huuuh?" in a long, drawn out, inquisitive voice, which always cracks me up, and which made me think for a minute "now where could she have got THAT from!?!" (answer=me)

~Any time you hear your sister talk or cry, you yell "De De!" and run to her. You're also quick to give her kisses and cuddles and you're always sharing with her. Even when it's something she totally could not find any use for!

Cherry sharing her crayons with Peach.

~Bed time is also a fun ritual with you. You love "stow-ees" and one of your favourites these days is Robert Munsch's "I'll Love You Forever" which you so fondly refer to as the "Momma!" story. It's a great (but sad) book, and I love to rock you back and forth as I sing the lyrics to the song in the book. When Daddy is out at sea working, we'll also pray for his safety every night, and every time I mention him, you yell "Daddy!" in a very enthusiastic voice that makes me giggle. One night recently I said "Yes, we're praying for Daddy! Do you love your Daddy?" To which you answered with an enthusiastic nod. Then I asked you "Do you love ME??" to which you answered by rolling over and closing your eyes. (You brat!)

There are many more things you say and do that amuse me everyday, but the list is so long there would be no way for me to record it all. But I will try, and I will be adding stuff to the end of this list as it comes up.


dillyweed said...

My favorite? The way she shares her crayons with her sister. That is just too cute.
Big hugs.

Melora said...

Awww! She's getting to be a big girl! I love that picture of her holding the flower and the rock. Peach is turning into a beauty, just like her big sis.

Avalon said...

CeCe~~ So sweet, and such wonderful memories to have for when Cherry is older. The picture of her squatting down on her walk is adorable, but Peach's face with the crayons made me laugh right out loud.

Kim said...

Cherry has grown up so much and is such a cutie. What a sweet sister, sharing her crayons with Peach (who is cute also). I love how they interpret words on their own.

Eve said...

What sweet sisters!
I love the non-hees and the Wonderpets song!
We love those around here too!

CeCe said...

Briana~Isn't it though? I think they'll be good friends soon.

Melora~Big, and HEAVY too! Hee hee

Avalon~I'm going to print this out and put it in a memory book for her. As well as everything else I've written about her.

Kim~Thanks. They are my beautiful girls.

Eve~Hee hee.. yeah, even *I* like them!