Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Breast Feeding.. Again.

What? Time for me to blog? It's amazing! The house isn't a complete disaster today, and there's not much good TV on tonight (except for American Idol, but that can just play in the background), so I have a few minutes to sit and type!

I want to touch again on breast feeding, just so that the saga is complete.

It's going well. It's working now. I'm so glad I stuck it through!

One side is still better than the other, and once in awhile there's a touch of pain, but NOTHING like it was before. And, to tell you the truth, I'm actually enjoying it now. Peach is awesome in that she just eats when she's hungry-fills her tummy, then stops. She doesn't dawdle on the n!pple, nor does she use nursing as a pacifier. (Loves her sucky though!) It's purely for nourishment for her, and I'm glad for that. If it stays this easy with her, I could probably feed her for longer than I originally intended. (Wow, things change fast!)

And, I'm becoming a pro with public feedings. I'm of the "discreet nursing in public is acceptable" line of thinking. I don't think that women should be ashamed or should hide if they're feeding in public, but I don't like it when a woman takes her whole breast out of her shirt to feed and flashes everyone. It's just not necessary! I don't believe in blankets over babies' heads if they don't like that, though, I DO believe in covering the top part of your breast with a blanket if the breast has to be removed from your shirt. In reality, only a few square inches of your breast needs to be exposed to feed, and if you're showing more than that in a location other than your own home, then you're being inappropriate. Period. However, I also believe that if a woman feels like she HAS to show off her whole breast, then whatever, she can do it. I just feel like they're making a statement that's equatable to high school punks with pink Mohawks yelling "What are YOU looking at?!" at the passerby at the bus stop. I think that they're trying to make a statement that is unnecessary!

Anyway, sorry for my mini-rant. MOVING ON!
This kid is seriously a cutie. Just ignore the baby acne. It's almost gone.

Dressing your kids in matching clothes is SOOO awesome. More pics on flickr.

Blog entries to come: The conclusion of my relationship with my mother. A few of Cherry's favourite things. Peach's birth story. And others. Soon, I promise.


Sarah said...

Whoa, there's lots to look forward to on your blog, that's for sure.

And... congrats on making your boobs very useful!

Erin said...

Your kids? So cute!

Can't wait for the new stories. Sorry I've been a loser lately - SO BUSY!

shandelle said...

glad things worked out with the nursing. I am of the same thinking when it comes to BF in public. I mean you can't hide away in a bathroom, but you don't have to show the world either. Can't wait for all the new blogs.

Avalon said...

That picture of Cherry and Peach is so funny. it looks like Cherry is trying to give Peach a gentle shove, and Peach is a bit disturbed by that. they are both adorable!

And, FWIW, i completely agree aboout the feeding/ discretion thing.

unique_stephen said...

Thats so American. I'm guessing that you've never been to an Australian beach.

Mommy Wanna Be said...

I'm so glad breastfeeding has gotten better. My little boy will be 8 weeks Tuesday and the first 2 weeks were killer, now it seems like I've been doing it my whole life..lol

CeCe said...

Sarah~Yeah, funny how they're meant for more than just to look at!

Erin~Ha ha, glad you're keeping busy, make sure you get some time to yourself! You don't owe me anything ;)

Shandelle~I like it when people agree with me ;)

Avalon~Yeah, Peach is always a little cautious around Cherry, and for good reason!

Stephen~Well, bikinis in the mall wouldn't be appropriate either! And I've bared my boobs in the Dominican.

Mommy~It's such a relief when it starts to work out!

Evan said...

Ahhh, Saturday night reading some breast behaviour tips, who would think- priceless. Actually i was nodding my head as I read agreeing!!

have a good weekend

CeCe said...

Evan~Glad you agree. Esp. 'cause you're from Aus. I thought maybe I was coming across as a prude to you guys down under!

Alex Elliot said...

I'm glad to hear that breastfeeding is working out!