Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why It's Awesome to Have Handy Relatives!

Her uncle made her this toy/hope chest and brought it over for her today. He's 17 years old and on his way to being a pro woodworker!

I'll blog more soon, I promise!


shandelle said...

That thing is absolutely beautiful. To bad he wasn't closer. I'd pay to have one like that. What talent for such a young guy. She looks like she loves it already. Was it a surprise?

Avalon said...

That is just beautiful! Was the purpose to make it big enough for her and the toys? Cause if it was, i would say her uncle is not only talented, but smart too!

Kim said...

That is a great toy chest!!! My grandfather used to make very nice stuff with wood. I have a very pretty chiming wall clock and a roll top desk from him. Treasure his work, it will last a long time.

dillyweed said...

beautiful! ditto on what shandelle wrote.

I remember making little bunkbeds with my dad as a kid for our dollies. We cut the wood, painted mine bright blue, and my mom gave us blankets for the dolls. It really was neat to have those memories. I wonder where those beds went... hmm.

unique_stephen said...

New from Matell:

Kid in a box

Alex Elliot said...

That is pretty impressive!

CeCe said...

Shandelle~We requested a toy chest before she was born.. it was a surprise he finished it.

Avalon~Yeah, I think he wanted her to fit into it.

Kim~We're going to use it as a hope chest. Hopefully Cherry will treat it well.

DillyWeed~Ooh, Armonodo and I should do that for our girls! That's so neat!

Stephen~Ha! Today would be the day I'd sell her for sure! I'm (not) loving the tantrums today!

Alex~I'm impressed, for sure!

K. said...

Wow. He is very talented!