Friday, February 23, 2007

Wisdom From CeCe (with two new ones I forgot last night)

~It is acceptable to wear a toque to the dinner table when your wood stove is malfunctioning and your house is an ice box!

~When the power goes out, and leaves three digital clocks flashing, it is ok to only re-set one. And when you (accidentally) re-set that one an hour ahead, it's ok to (purposely) leave it like that, 'cause you've got to change the time on all of your clocks in a month anyway.

~It is perfectly fine to wash your kid's shoes in the kitchen and leave all the dishes for another day.

~It is also perfectly fine to leave those shoes in the dish drying rack.

~But don't wash all the shoes in one day, 'cause then your kid will have no shoes to wear.

~Be careful when "testing" your freshly boiled perogies. I went to try one, and boiling water dribbled out, burned me, and left a blister on my lip that looks like a cold sore. And it bloody hurts!

~Taking a walk at dusk with your two little ones just to see if you can "find some horsies" can be a lot of fun. Even when it takes you so long to walk up the road that it's dark by the time you get to the farms and the horses have "gone to bed", the walk itself can be fun as you pick snow drop flowers and gaze at the moon and point out the geese flying overhead.

~It is ok to take 48 pictures of one child in 10 minutes just to get a couple really good ones. (red eye doesn't count.)


shandelle said...

love the pics of peach kinda smiling. She is getting big. Sounds like you had fun on your walk. AAdapting well to two?

Sarah said...

Whoa. She really looks like Armondo!

Sorry about your lip though. :(

Melora said...

Darling girl you've got there!

Avalon said...

Peach is getting so big so fast. And she is so cute!

CeCe said...

Shandelle~She is getting SO big. Much bigger than I remember Cherry at this age! And yes, adapting quite well. It's pretty easy, 'cause Peach is such an easy going baby.

Sarah~Yeah, she totally does, doesn't she?


Avalon~She is! and thanks!

Alex Elliot said...

Your kids are so cute! I bought matching outfits for my boys for Christmas and they have a couple sets of matching pjs too.

Evan said...

Hey, I changed my blog clothes the other day too, hope you are feeling good about it.


your word verification for me is MANLY, cheers, LOL

CeCe said...

Alex~IT's so fun to do that, eh?

Evan~Of COURSE the word verification said Manly!