Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ahhh... time to blog!

Thank all of you who cared enough to notice I hadn't blogged in awhile. All two of you, anyway! (Love you guys, you know who you are!)

Everything is going fine here, we've just been pretty busy. I'm not sure what we've been busy with, but it just seems like I haven't much free time.

We're doing the portrait thing again. We did the whole family last week, and I've got two more appts. this week; one for Peach by herself, and one for the two girls together. (Walmart has an AWESOME deal on right now, and the rules are a little funny, so that's why we've split up the days for the photos.) I'll be sure to scan and post them when we get them back.

Just so you know, when I don't blog for a week, it would be nice if you guys were all considerate and stopped blogging as well, 'cause I'm sooo far behind in your life stories that there's no way I'll get caught up.

Anyway, I'm off to bed right now. I'm hoping to sleep well, as last night wasn't so great when I got elbowed in the head by Armondo and later got rolled onto. Needless to say, he got kicked to the couch, but unfortunately, I did that entirely too late to really get a good night's sleep. Co-sleeping with an infant and a full grown man on a double size bed is torture. Good thing I'm already sleep training the little one, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be too hard to get her to sleep in her own bed when the time comes. (I make sure she spends at least one nap or part of the night in her bassinette or crib. Right now she's sleeping in her crib, but I'll be taking her into bed with me when I go to make the early morning feeding a little more bearable.) And we'll be sans hubby tonight. (You mess with me, you're gonna get kicked!) hee hee.

One has no eyes, and the other has devil eyes. Our optometrist is going to love us!


shandelle said...

Great pic. Cherry is changing, well with her eyes closed anyway. I hear ya with the no time to blog. I get time to read others, but no time to sit down and put together thoughts, plus type them out.

maidink said...

Good to know you're still alive, my Crazy Little Canuck. Well, I mean I knew you were, but good to see you blog again.

Avalon said...

Cherry's reaction to the camera cracks me up. It's as if she's thinking " neener, neener, i'm not going to open my eyes" all the while her sister waits to have her picture taken!

Belinda said...

Hey, I got here from your link! I love that picture. I can already tell you're going to have yet ANOTHER Most Photogenic Baby In The Universe.

I love you guys.