Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hair Cuts.

Why I'm not allowed to go near my children with scissors or clippers:

I'm sorry, Jacy, I DO know it's the middle of winter.. I swear I didn't MEAN to take all of your hair off! It was an accident, really!

She needs a haircut, but I'm resisting. Until she asks for it, or gets gum in it. (And, yes, that's C3PO, which means she's taking after her Daddy. Again. Daddy's girl all the way!)

And this is me, with my new hair cut. I wanted a good one, an expensive one. But in the end, I chickened out, and only spent $22 including tip. I'm so cheap. I think I like it. Not sure yet. Ask me in a week.


unique_stephen said...

Is it just me or do you feet look fat in that last photo?

-- sorry if it's not funny, but I laughed --

Avalon said...

I like your haircut. Jacy's not looking too thrilled, and I think Cherry's holding the C3PO to fend off the scissors!

Melora said...

I once gave our cocker spaniel a haircut just like Jacy's (though it was in Florida in the summer, not Canada in winter, so it wasn't really as bad). It grew back, and, eventually, I got somewhat better at trimming him.
Cherry is so darling! I think it is great that she plays action figures with her daddy, and her hair looks just fine.
I love your cut!

Evan said...

Aye, the return of the poodle constantly in fear of seeing Cece at 50 paces with shears in hand, my all time fav posting of yours from a while back, always laughing at that one.

Evan said...

It must have been a week, Are u ok?

K. said...

I am scared to cut my kid's hair too. Your new cut looks nice and makes me want to go get my done even more.

ps - my Bean has those exact same Children's Place jammies! ;)

CeCe said...

Stephen~Yes, it's funny. Yes, I laughed too. You're pretty clever, aren't you?

Avalon~Hmm, I think that Chewbacca would have been a safer bet to fend off the scissors! And thanks for liking the cut.

Melora~I don't think I'll ever get better at trimming her! Every hair cut is a disaster! I mean, I even printed off a picture to follow and I STILL messed up! Glad Cherry's hair is looking fine, and I'm starting to like my cut more.

Evan~Glad I'm able to keep you amused! And thank you for your concern, I'M BACK!

K.~Get out there and get yours done! And, don't you just LOVE the Children's Place? I got a bunch of those sleepers for clearance $4.99!

Belinda said...

Cherry is stunning in that lime green! Of course, when is she NOT stunning? Sheesh. Pretty people, knock it off. And speaking of pretty, you! How do you grow that much hair so quickly? I'm going to chalk it up to hormones.

Do I need to send Jacy a sweater?