Saturday, January 20, 2007

We have a tie!

Yeah, so,congratulations to Sarah and Maidink who are tied for the baby contest, at 40 points each. Sarah guessed "girl" right and was closest to the right time, and Maidink got the closest to the right weight (missed it by an ounce).

Andrea was next in line with 35 points.

No one got points for more than two questions, and only five people got any points at all. It was a close race!

Now, I just need to come up with a tie-breaking question! Both Sarah and Maidink know me pretty well, so it'll be hard to come up with a good question! I'm open to suggestions! Let's make this interesting!

(And, because Maidink said she just wanted bragging rights, and since Sarah is a native of Canada, I really have NO IDEA what to make the prize! So, once we have a final winner, we'll have to figure out a suitable prize for that particular person!)


Sarah said...

Well... I guess I don't qualify for suggestions for tie-breakers. :)

maidink said...

You can always flip a coin!

Silly Canuck.

CeCe said...

Hmm... thinking...

Evan said...

What, you had the bubby!! Cool, Congrats.

Gee, I go away for a spell and new people enter the world.

All the best for Peach