Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Deal or No Deal

Tonight, there was this really crazy woman on Deal or No Deal. At the end, she had a case with $400, one with $500, and one with $1000. Then she picked the one with the $1000, and the banker offered her $425. She didn't take it, and in the end, her case had $500 in it.

At which point Armondo says:

"Thanks a lot lady, you just wasted a whole hour of my life!"


Avalon said...

CeCe~~ I used to love that show, but more and more, I find myself feeling exactly like Armondo said~~~ wasting my time when I watch it. I looked at the Flickr album.....Peach sure is a beutiful baby!

shandelle said...

heh. i love that show. anyway, I am trying to post a video of isabella on my blog. what do i do?

CeCe said...

Avalon~it's only good when the person makes a large sum of cash, really. And thanks, I think she's adorable too!

Shandelle~go to Vimeo.com or Youtube.com and sign up and follow the directions. If you can't figure it out from there, email me, and I'll help you out some more. (I use Vimeo)