Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ahhh, the joy of TWO.

Know what's really rad? (besides the fact that I just typed "rad")

Is when one kid is crying, and the other kid starts crying JUST BECAUSE the other one is crying.

Yeah, that's what's rad.

Just thought you might like to know that.


Hillary said...

ummm.... at least they're not spelling eachother off and yo uhave CONSTANT crying??? Trying to see a bright side (though really? using RAD is a bright side in and of itself!)

Hugs to you, and wishes for at least a few hours of good sleep! :)

Caroline said...

Yip! It works the same with three and most often when I'm on the phone.

Mom101 said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will be nodding along with you in about four months time.

Kim said...

Yep, that is what is "rad" about two:o)

debambam said...

hehehehe, better than them crying at different times!

CeCe said...

Hillary~Luckily it didn't last for long. And I did get some sleep, thanks!

Caroline~Hee hee, I'm quitting at two!

Mom101~Truthfully though, this second child has been much easier! And thanks for stopping by. Didn't know you knew about my blog! I read yours all the time.

Kim~ :D

Debambam~Yeah, I guess so, but it's easier to calm ONE down at a time than to have both of them freeking out!