Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baby Watch, 2007, continues. Bovine edition.

I went to the midwife today and had my weekly check. She's is NOT my favourite person this week. She tells me that, considering certain signs, I should not expect to have my baby until after the due date. That makes me very upset. But, 'tis life.

Since I've been so big and so exhausted, and sore, Armondo and I haven't been sleeping in the same bed lately. Every night, he comes and cuddles with me on our double size bed, then once I start getting all uncomfortable, he gets banished to the couch.

This arrangement has been working out fine, though I feel a little lonely when I wake up by myself.

Our house is pretty small, and all the bedroom doors open up to the main living area (no hallway), so Armondo isn't really all that far away from our bedroom, which means I can hear him snoring loud and clear. (Which doesn't bother me, FYI)

Now, some of you may know, Armondo talks in his sleep. I find this highly amusing and will often try to have conversations with him while he's unconscious. This often works. However, I almost always forget the conversations by the next day.

Anyway, last night, at around 4:15 am, I was awoken by mutterings coming out of the living room. Though it wasn't one of the more "normal" nocturnal conversations that I'm used to hearing come from Armondo. It went a little like this:

giggle giggle (man giggles, of course)

And then he went back to snoring.

He blames it on reading farm stories to the little one before she goes to bed.

*oh, and I actually answered comments on that last post!


Sarah said...

Funny. I talk in my sleep too.

I commented in the not-so-good-things-about-Christmas post - not that I need you to reply to it. :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

LOL Mrs. Fab is the same way about talking in her sleep. She'll say the cutest things, and then in the morning when I tell her what she said she accuses me of making it up!

Tricia said...

I only talk in my sleep when I'm stressed. Other times I just mumble (so I've been told.)

Obviously your babe is Much too comfortable where she is! I hope she's ready soon...

Anonymous said...

You don't have to worry about answering comments.

I'm not sure if I talk in my sleep or not, but even if I did, there'd be no-one there to hear it. A bit like if a tree falls in the woods...

Anonymous said...

I talk in my sleep and it is not bad while I live on my own, but growing up I shared a room with my sister. Well, when our friend spent the night they would record me and play it for me in the morning:o)

We won't worry if you don't answer comments. Just get lots of rest and feel better.

Anonymous said...

I considered my due dates to be deadlines, and was most put out when T. wasn't early, or even on time. I actually called the doctor on the evening of my due date to beg to be induced, since I had done my time, but she wouldn't. Fortunately, he took the hint and showed up the next day. I hope your midwife is wrong about this.
Ed talks in his sleep too, but it tends to be loud outbursts or incomprehensible mumbling. I am not nearly as good humored as you are about it, though, (or about the snoring, which is practically deafening) and have never responded with anything except, "Hush!" If he mooed, though, it would be more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

That's halarious. Thanks for the laugh. And hope you deliver soon!

CeCe said...

Sarah~ I read it. I agree.

Mr.Fab~hee hee.. time to record her and post it!

Tricia~I wake myself up talking sometimes, but it doesn't happen often, and it never wakes Armondo up.

Cherrypie~Umm.. I don't know what to say about that... sorry?

Kim~Hee hee your sister sounds like fun!

Melora~Yeah, the mooing was totally funny. Be sure to let us know if Ed catches on!

Dillyweed~Welcome, and thanks!