Monday, January 01, 2007

Baby Watch, 2007

Happy New Year everyone!

Neither myself, nor my SIL who is due, have had a baby yet.

My feet are still swollen.

My house is still full of flies.

The new hot water tank is great.

I was awake past midnight last night, but spent the last 10 minutes of 2006 desperately trying to get Sabre to come back inside due to the crazy amount of fireworks people in my neighbourhood were setting off. I was worried about her. She didn't come home until this morning. Considering how much I worry about my CATS, I'm going to be one heck of a mess when I have two teenage daughters!

I hope no one is offended that I'm not answering individual comments lately. I really do read them all, I just find myself too wrapped up in myself these days to actually respond to them. Please keep them coming though. My mind is feeling like a garbage dump these days, and I really appreciate all the kind support I've been getting!

Oh yeah, I got a new monitor for my computer as a post-Christmas present. This monitor is awesome, and actually shows colours the way they're supposed to look, which means that I've been posting a lot of pictures in the past that I've edited to look lighter, but now look like crap! Including my pregnancy photos. I've re-done some of them, and included them in my NEW flickr account. Feel free to go take a click on the sidebar and have a look.

Here's to hoping that the next post has newborn pictures in it!



Anonymous said...

OK CeCe~~ Thinking "baby out" thoughts for you and those poor feet!

andrea said...

Nonono -- no baby yet. You have to wait 'til the 12th. I have a contest to win! :)

Happy New Year, CeCe. It'll be a busy one for you! I remember having two under two, but just barely as the sleep deprivation messed with my memory cells.

shandelle said...

I can't remember what day I picked, but whenver it was, I am ready to see some baby pics. I'll be looking everyday.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cece, I'm sorry this little girl is being so pokey! It can't be much longer now, and then your feet will deflate. Have you tried one of those hanging fly strips?

Sarah said...

Happy new year!

Ryann said...

Happy New Year!!

get that baby out before I leave for my next tour dammit!

Anonymous said...

I hope the baby comes soon!! Have fun with your new monitor:o) I imagine it is nice to see things in real color.

CeCe said...


Andrea~You. are. so. evil.! But thanks for the well wishes!

Shandelle~hopefully I'll have pictures for you soon!

Melora~you know? I read your comment earlier today, and knew I'd be going out to the hardware store, and thought I'd pick some up, but then totally forgot until now!

Sarah~You too!

Ryann~I'm TRYING, I swear!

Kim~I didn't realize how bad it was until I got the new one!