Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh, the insanity.

~Seems like every time I get entered in a contest, or get on some sort of new blog roll, I draw blanks and can't write very well anymore. I guess it's sort of like stage fright! Oh well.

~Something in or around my fridge smells bad. At least I think it does. I'm still sort of stuffed up from this stupid head cold thing I've got, so I can't totally tell if there's a bad smell or not. I've gone through the fridge and thrown everything that's old out, but I can still sort of catch a whiff of the smell every once in awhile. I'm starting to think maybe there's something dead UNDER the fridge. Until I figure it out, I am having a ban on house guests.

~I hate whiney dogs. Annie is driving me nuts. And she's digging holes again. This seems to happen every time the ground gets a little soggy. And boy, is it soggy these days! These rain storms that keep on pelting us here on the we(s)t coast really suck!

~I'm so tired of boiling my drinking water! With these storms, there's a water boil advisory for many parts of the province. I can't seem to figure out if MY area is under advisory still or not, but being pregnant, I decided not to take the risk. The water is almost yellow, and even with boiling it, it tastes awful. Nothing like a little "crunch" to add flavour to your favourite beverage!

~I've burned food to the bottom of yet another pan. This time it's so bad that I might just have to toss the pan instead of cleaning it. Dinner itself didn't end up burned, just a nice layer on the bottom of the pan. I'll *try* to soak it and clean it tomorrow, but I sort of think it's dead.

~Want a parenting tip? Don't change your toddler's bed sheets in front of her. And ESPECIALLY don't show her how easy it is to lift her bed mattress. 'Cause every time you go into her room, her mattress will be off the bed frame and the sheet will be thrown to the other side of the room. And she will find it highly amusing to do this over and over!


Evan said...

Probably celery, the stuff haunts me!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hee hee I am picturing her moving her mattress LOL

Sarah said...

As for the black pot... sometimes it helps to boil some water in it for a while.

Kim said...

I hope you feel better soon, head colds are annoying. I am sorry about the pan and hopefully long soaking will save it.

Anonymous said...

burnt pot advice: boil it with a good helping of baking soda for 5 minutes or so. it usually just comes right off.

Anonymous said...

check for info about the water. It should tell you if your area is still effected or not.
You never realize how much water you use in a day until you have to boil it for everything!! We're not even allowed to shower in it right now! GRRR!!!!

let me know when the sick bugs are gone so I can come for a visit!!

debambam said...

you need to call Martha Stewart love...
I love how we learn so many of the rules of parenting...when its too bloody late :)
Take it easy, hope the nose, smell, pot, water, dog and Cherry all get with the program before long!

CeCe said...

Evan~I checked. The celery IS getting a little old, but it's still ok, sitting in its jug of water!

Mr.Fab~I hope to get a picture up soon.

Sarah~Yeah, I gotta try that.

Kim~I think I need a new pan anyway. This might be a good excuse.

Michele~I'll have to try that!

Alisha~Thanks for the link. Looks like my area is ok now, but still, the water is full of silt.. YUCK! And how are you bathing these days?!? And, we're almost done being sick (it's probably safe to visit) but I don't know if you want to come hang out with that fridge smell!!

Debambam~Yeah! I wouldn't mind Martha coming over for a bit to help out!

Anonymous said...

I figure since no one in the house can bathe, it's okay if I stink one would notice...or atleast they wouldn't be able to tell who the smell was coming from! Ewww...that's gross. I packed the babe and I up tonight and went to moms to get clean! She even did all of his laundry for me! (folded it too!!) I am getting so sick of this water thing. Makes me think of what it would be like to live in a 3rd world country. They just drink it as it is boiling.
I think I could handle the smelly fridge. If I remember correctly, we've created smelly stoves before! :) I'll even help you get rid of it.
You might even just be your pregnancy nose that is making it so bad! I hated how strong my sence of smell was when I was prego!!

CeCe said...

Alisha~Well, come on over! And I don't know about every poor country, but in the Dom. they all drink bottled water, and just throw the bottles all over the ground.