Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Random Notes.

~We got our first Christmas card today! Already! I better get a move on and get mine started! I bought them weeks ago, but haven't gotten to writing them out yet. I might have to start tonight. Cherry loves the card we got with the goofy polar bears on it. It was very tough to pry it out of her hands!

~So, awhile ago, we started going to playgroups. Right off the bat, I was able to make a couple of friends using the "I'm new, wanna be my friend?" technique. But then, I got shy again. The last few weeks, I've been having trouble talking to people, but today, I broke out of my shell again, and opened up and chatted with some women. I felt so... liberated. I'm so weird that way. You wouldn't think I was shy, but I'm so scared of doing or saying something stupid, that I just sort of creep in the corners instead of opening up and making connections. Part of the problem is once I get over being "new" it's hard to come up with an "excuse" to talk to people. But today I sucked up my insecurities and talked to a couple of women. I actually talked to women who have GIRLS too! I was starting to see a pattern that all of the acquaintances I have been making lately and the friends I've re-connected with lately all have boys, which is fine, but if I'm doing play dates, I'd like Cherry to have some "girl time" as well sometimes!

~My brain is starting to get better again. I'm not really sick anymore (except for a runny nose and DANG bad heartburn) so we've been able to get out of the house more, which has improved my mental wellness incredibly. It's amazing how a crazy assed stormy week and a cold can really mess with your psyche!

~At playgroup today, the nutritionist who comes by every few weeks was there again. The last time she talked with us, it was nice to figure out exactly how much milk we should be giving to Cherry, as opposed to her drinking a litre a day, which she would totally do if it was up to her!

Today though, I was sort of watching the nutritionist give advice to various parents about how to feed their kids, as well as listen to her tell me, as a pregnant woman how I should be eating, and it occurred to me that she didn't really seem like all that credible of a source.

Now, I might just be being a b!tch when I say this. I'm not sure. Maybe my view has some merit, but...

If someone who claims to be an expert on nutrition is a good 70-90 lbs overweight, doesn't that sort of take some of her credibility away?

~Ok, off to do some chores (like trying to clean that pan!) and then, MAYBE I'll write some Christmas cards and get some pressies into boxes to send off!


Kim said...

I have to start on my cards as soon as I get home:o)

She might know what hse is talking about, but not putting it to work in her own life. It does help the credible part though if you look the part, but is probably hard for some people. I know how I should eat, but have fought my weight all my life.

CeCe said...

Kim~I guess it's sort of like the mechanic with the crappy car, the landscaper with the messy yard, the cobler with the shoeless kids etc.

With you fighting your weight, you didn't chose to tell other people how to manage THEIR eating habits. I mean, you're an animal and child care person!