Sunday, November 19, 2006

Grey Cup

Canada's second most important gaming event is currently taking place, with BC in the lead.

But I'm here to talk about the cheerleaders.

Last night, while listening to sports talk radio, one of the callers said that the Grey Cup was boring compared to the SuperBowl because.... The Cheerleaders in the Grey Cup aren't as good.

Now, I need to just take a minute to stand up for them.

How can you expect the cheerleaders to be as good when they're working in -6C (21.2F) degree weather and have to practically wear PARKAS as they're dancing?!? Come ON people. It's tough to shake your a$$ in weather that cold!


Sarah said...

Fair point.

maidink said...

I didn't get to see any of the game, so I can't make a fair and impartial judgement call here.

What I will say is provided the cheerleaders are hot, who cares if they get their routine right.

Besides, comparing the Grey Cup to the Super Bowl seems a tad unfair. Everyone knows we Americans are an obnoxious over-the-top crazy lot.

Kim said...

I can agree with that, although I have no idea what the grey cup is:o)

CeCe said...


Maidink~I think they were "cold" not hot.

Kim~It's the Canadian Football League final game of the season.