Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hallowe'en '06, part two.

Hallowe'en morning, we took Cherry to playgroup where she and a bunch of other cute little kids in pre-fab costumes ran around and had a great time. I really wanted to take pictures of all of the kids, but decided against it 'cause there's probably something wrong with taking pictures of other peoples' kids to post on the internet.

Anyway, here's Cherry in her "Poo-Doo" (her words) costume.

She hated having the head up, and protested every time I put it back.

Armondo wasn't feeling that well, and sort of disappeared for awhile at playgroup, and when I found him, I found him like this:
I think Pumpkin scented play-doh has some sort of Zen property to it.

Later, in the evening, we took Cherry to the mall to trick or treat, where she let us put the poodle head back up. I didn't get many good photos of her, because she had a cat dog nap in the car, and then went NUTS at the mall, as you can see if you click on this link: Poo Doo! (note where she runs smack into a NINJA. I think she was trying to do some sort of body meld to become a NINJA Poo-doo!)

And, to all of you who say that I'm NOT huge this pregnancy, please take the following picture as pure evidence. This is what I look like for real. No paint on my belly, no stretching. Just plain hugeness.


maidink said...

a) Cherry is way too adorable in the poo doo costume.

b) Armondo needs help. Seriously, you should buy him Play-Doh.

c) You're not huge - it's the costume. I still say you're far beyond cute.

*walks off wanting to say more to Crazy Canuck, but knows it is not necessary*

Tricia said...

Okay, so you're big. Do you think it might have something to do with a WHOLE SECOND PERSON (a little one, but still) growing inside you?

The poo doo is way cute...(as always) Can't wait to see you guys in person! (One month to go!)

debambam said...

Cherry looks great, hubby looks great, and you and your belly look great. Your not huge, your PREGNANT, your supposed to be big out front, be getting worried if you weren't....look like fun was had by all and I LOVE your version of the jack-o-lantern!!

Sarah said...

White makes people look bigger, you cheater. Be a black angel next time. :P

shandelle said...

I think you look like a beauty pregnant woman. I loved when people told me I was big. DOn't know why, just did. You did look tiny in the streching picture, but you fixed that with this one. You look great. Only a few months left. Be nice is she came early though heh! Anyway, Cherry was absolutely beautiful. How cute, she was so excited. The mall here doesn't do anything like that. It must be way better than going outside all night. She was adorable.

Candice said...

Oh my she was cute!!! and i think that is so awesome that they give out candy like that in the mall (easier for sure for the parents if its bad weather, the lighting, etc) that was great!!! I watched the video, man that mall is so small. i am just remembering when i went home last year for xmas...
and your costume was so cute!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Do they make that costume in adult sizes?? I want one. Cherry looked so cute toddling (maybe more like racing) in the mall. I don't think it's any coincidence that she headed straight for the Ninja. i mean.....Ninja-----Poodle!!

Kim said...

I "LOVE" the PooDoo outfit, it and Cherry are adorable.

Armondo looks perfectly content with his Play-Doh.

You look great and every woman thinks they are huge when pregnant. My sister complained the hwole time:o)

Alisha Ferguson said...

Loved the flipping poo doo into the play pen! I showed Wes and he wants her to teach Abram how to do that! :)

For anyone who keeps saying CeCe's not big....she IS!! Not 'big' as is fat, but her belly is very large for how far along she is. I saw it a few weeks ago...she was big then, so she's gotta be way larger now! I'm thinking mabye a 9 pounder?? :)

So how about that pampering date??

Pink Deysi said...

Cherry looks adorable and does your belly! Pregnant bellys are cute. Deal with it! :)
Nice moustache Armondo has...

Shana said...

You look BEAUTIFUL. I wish I'd looked that good pregnant, I might have done the whole thing more often.

CeCe said...

Maidink~ a)no doubt. b)I'm going to make some soon, I think. c)Thanks!

Tricia~Yeah, it's something to do with the parasite, I'm sure;) And yes, it's going to be awesome when you come to live here!

Kelly~thank you! You look great too, with your sexy hair!

Sarah~I actually was going to wear black instead, but decided against it!

Shandelle~The mall was great. All four "real" malls in town did it. I think we'll do that every year. I don't mind that my belly is big really. I just want people to BELIEVE that I'm big!!

Candice~I don't remember any bigger malls in Montreal. Unless you count that EVERY SINGLE place in Montreal is conected by crazy underground tunnels. (I'm not saying there AREN'T bigger malls, I just don't remember them! Or I never went to them!)

Avalon~I'll keep my eyes out for an adult size one for ya! hee hee

Kim~Again, it's not like I'm too upset about being huge, I just wanted people to believe me!

Alisha~Well, I think I should say "thanks" for backing me up, but I'm not totally sure ;) hee hee.. I'd still love to do the pampering date, but unfortunatly, it'll have to be moved back until Dec.. hope you'd still be into it then?!?

Pink~Can't wait to see YOUR adorable pregnant belly! Hee hee, get on it!

Shana~Ha ha! You've had three already! I can't imagine myself having another! (ok, I want more kids, but not more pregnancies. It's been a tough go for me!)

Melora said...

Darling Poodoo! You look great too (and not huge -- just with a healthy baby growing inside!)!