Friday, November 03, 2006

blog a day?

So, um, I was going to do that post a blog a day for the month thing or NaBloPoMo. But, umm.. I went to the mainland last night, and the unreliable ferry service didn't get me home until after midnight, so, yeah, I didn't post yesterday, and on the SECOND day of the contest, I screwed up and now I have to drop out. *cries*

Good news though! We had a blast yesterday, and there'll be a post with AWESOME pics coming soon!

And, I basically blog almost every day anyway, so, you won't miss me!


Sarah said...

I miss you. My life is lame and I need to read about people's lives.

maidink said...

You didn't post yesterday? Really?

Heh, I didn't even notice.

*laffs and walks off*

Shana said...

Just backblog it, they'll never notice and I won't tell. ::shhhhhh::

Kim said...

That is why I didn't try, I knew I would blow it:o) I will read you every day even if you aren't in the contest.

maidink said...

Oh for gosh sakes ...

I'M SORRY CECE! I'm sorry if my comment was too mean!

I apologize profusely in front of ALL of your friends!

CeCe said...

Sarah~I totally feel the same way when Armondo is away. I go through my blogroll, and I'm all "POST YOU STUPID PEOPLE!"

Maidink~Grr... ok, fine, I forgive you.

Shana~hee hee, well thanks... And I might have, but they said right in the rules that that's not allowed!

Kim~I sort of knew I'd blow it too. Sometimes "life" gets in the way of writing about your life!