Saturday, November 18, 2006

Deep Thoughts With CeCe: Ladies vs. Lady

Why is it that calling a singular woman a "lady" is rude, (such as "Hello Lady" or "Excuse me, Lady, may I take your drink order now?")


Calling several women "ladies" is ok? (Such as, "Hello Ladies" or "Excuse me, Ladies, may I take your drink order now?")


Mr. Fabulous said...

Do people use "Lady" singularly a lot up there? I never hear that, it's always "ma'am" down here.

Of course, maybe we don't have too many ladies here...LOL

I am off to vote for you! :)

CeCe said...

Mr.Fab~No, we use Ma'am too. But Ladies in the plural is used a lot.

CeCe said...

PS. THanks for voting!

maidink said...

Now, I always recall "ma'am" being synomymous with "bitch".

As for "lady", don't recall that being rude (unless it's some punk twentysomething saying it to me ... damn whippersnapper).